Friday, February 24, 2012

Clause of Claws

No Thursday Night Pints, bad week work-wise, grippe-wise, work-wise, and husband-wise respectively. Somebody would have mentioned Feingold or I would have, somebody would have mentioned Santorum or L would have, somebody would have mentioned the latest Hilltop gossip or K would have, somebody would have mentioned I'd sure write and read more if I stopped blogging or D would have. Once the first person bailed the rest of us quickly OKed. Fun gets old too.

Re: Feingold - tells me Obama's election is cake. Cake. I wonder what Cabinet position Feingold's been promised in Obama's second term, if he's been offered an audition for heir apparent.

A friend reminded me last night it's be a year or so since I ran my Official Autoblogography, so here it is again. Also, my apologies: I have so hopelessly fucked-up with my incompetence the coding to this blooger site, if you want to see the expanded version of last night's poem, which I assumed was expandable on this fucking blog but wasn't, it's over at the backward blog where it is expandable.


Lorine Niedecker

Tell'em to take my bare walls down
my cement abutments
their parties thereof
and clause of claws

Leave me the land
Scratch out: the land

May prose and property both die out
and leave me peace


  1. What's the deal with Feingold? I haven't seen anything anywhere mentioning him.

  2. Apologies, forgot the link. It's up now - he's now Obama's campaign co-chair.

  3. Something about this page causes my browser to hang. I think you broke the internet.

  4. ZEPPELIN RULES (I am such a cracker).
    Instead of ponies, I hope we get devil's food.
    Linking that essay was radical evil, 'cause now my head hurts.

  5. I thought it was maybe the two widgets in yesterday's post that was hanging so I removed them, though that didn't help. It might be youtube - it has bad days. Occam suggests it's my clusterfuckery. Chrome sucks, firefox sucks, blooger sucks, I suck.

  6. It's better now. Whatever you did seems to have worked. Thanks, btw, for the linkage!