Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'd Never Get Anywhere Because I'd Never Had Suction

New Sun Kil Moon was here but the widget was messing with motherfucking blooger.. Was going to write at length about Babs, Patron Saint of Spies; post another link and bitch re: Antiwar's pro-bombing fuckery; was going to cut myself for knee-jerkingly twooting a gross and predictable gif of Frothy to expand on the reflexive depth of my training cited yesterday; was going to post about the wisdom or lack thereof of outing myself onblog as a 52 year old happily married upper-middle class white male, but have an old Sun Kil Moon song instead.

Yes, there was more here last night, and Red House Painters too. Now here.

Also too:

WFMU widget was below, was messing with motherfucking blooger. See widget in blogroll left.

  • I pledged Mouse of the Day! I'm getting: Dan Bodah's Break the Tabs & Check Dolby B, Julie's Living in the Dark, Irwin's I Want to Be a Singer, Fabio's O S T-The 2012 Marathon Premium for Strength Through Failure, Stan's Stoned in the Garden of Eden, Inflatable Squirrel Carcass Coloring Book III - Revenge of the Tints, Martha's That's Not Punk, You F**king Poseur, and a WF-MU tee. Yay!
  • NYPD Zagat Guide to best and most threatening Newark Muslim restaurants.
  • Yes, this occurred to me too.
  • She Who Is As Shitty pronounces Frothy dead.
  • Yes, but they are motherfucking crackers.
  • E.J. Dionne is astonished - astonished! - re: motherfucking crackers.
  • Drumbeat.
  • Wawa creeping closer. Posted because months ago I asked why there are no Sheetz and Wawas in MOCO. I now vaguely remember hearing once years ago that gas stations in MOCO got some law written that protects them from Wawas and Sheetzs. Anyone?
  • Floor, a new online poetry magazine, is worth your eyes.
  • Who was Lorine Niedecker?
  • I get email. PlayGround, a new online music magazine, asked nicely for a bump so here it is. Please note: Grimes is a motherfucking idiot.
  • On Throbbing Gristle.
  • Some The Clean to listen to.
  • Something that occurred to me when posting Sun Kil Moon is how utterly Modest Mouse - who Kozelek clearly loves, he covers so much - has vanished from public consciousness.
  • New Rufus Wainwright.
  • Was asked to post some Brendan Benson, who I'd never heard of, in part because BLCKDGRD is a completely Jack White-free zone. 


Lorine Niedecker

In the great snowfall before the bomb
colored yule tree lights
windows, the only glow for contemplation
along this road

I worked the print shop
right down among em
the folk from whom all poetry flows
and dreadfully much else.

I was Blondie
I carried my bundles of hog feeder price lists
down by Larry the Lug,
I'd never get anywhere
because I'd never had suction,
pull, you know, favor, drag,
well-oiled protection.

I heard their rehashed radio barbs—
more barbarous among hirelings
as higher-ups grow more corrupt.
But what vitality! The women hold jobs—
clean house, cook, raise children, bowl
and go to church.

What would they say if they knew
I sit for two months on six lines
of poetry?


  1. Hate-Hackers is a band name waiting to happen. Speaking of bands, now I feel bad for not posting some White Stripes today. Heh.

    Frank Grimes I know, I don't know this Grimes. You kids and your weird music.

  2. My blog has plenty of suction, BDR.

    Feel free to borrow, anytime!


  3. Enjoy Thursday night pints; can't wait for tomorrow's recap of all the outrage and misunderstanding.

    Yeah, re: Mouse: what's up w/ that?

    I cherish my set of WFMU t-shirts. Many should've been discarded years ago, but they hold their sentimental value raggedy or no.

  4. re: Modest Mouse: it's been 5 years since their last album, and that album, while not terrible, wasn't as good as what came before. Not too surprising they'd fall off the radar a wee bit.