Friday, February 3, 2012

My Apologies to Chance for Calling It Necessity

Why are you in such a good mood, L accused me at Thursday Night Pints. It's true, I said, the past month's bad mood's been lanced, at least until it's back. I told them that United just signed a new designated player, an Albanian striker named Salihi (with the potential for lame Salahi jokes!) and suddenly, sullen just two weeks ago at United's offseason lassitude and the doom it suggested, I'm giddy at the idea of a front five of Salihi (if he's as successful at United as he's been everywhere else) and De Rossario and Boskovic and Pontius and Najar, it fills me with rubeful ruby rubyness of Baal-taunting optimism! Then I told them I got my 35th high school reunion summons last week - no, of course I'm not going, I said - then told them that just a couple of hours before meeting them I discovered this new Magnetic Fields video, then I told them an inside joke I won't share here that's had me laughing in awe at Serendipity ever since. OK, said D, you're buying tonight. Happily!


Wislawa Szymborksa
Translated by Joanna Trzeciak

My apologies to chance for calling it necessity. 
My apologies to necessity in case I'm mistaken. 
Don't be angry, happiness, that I take you for my own. 
May the dead forgive me that their memory's but a flicker. 
My apologies to time for the quantity of world overlooked per second. 
My apologies to an old love for treating a new one as the first. 
Forgive me, far-off wars, for carrying my flowers home. 
Forgive me, open wounds, for pricking my finger. 
My apologies for the minuet record, to those calling out from the abyss. 
My apologies to those in train stations for sleeping soundly at five in the morning. 
Pardon me, hounded hope, for laughing sometimes. 
Pardon me, deserts, for not rushing in with a spoonful of water. 
And you, O hawk, the same bird for years in the same cage, 
staring, motionless, always at the same spot, 
absolve me even if you happen to be stuffed. 
My apologies to the tree felled for four table legs. 
My apologies to large questions for small answers. 
Truth, do not pay me too much attention. 
Solemnity, be magnanimous toward me. 
Bear with me, O mystery of being, for pulling threads from your veil. 
Soul, don't blame me that I've got you so seldom. 
My apologies to everything that I can't be everywhere. 
My apologies to all for not knowing how to be every man and woman. 
I know that as long as I live nothing can excuse me, 
since I am my own obstacle. 
Do not hold it against me, O speech, that I borrow weighty words, 
and then labor to make them light. 


  1. It's the impending helmetball clash. You're fooling no one.

  2. Today is BAD: Created a BAD blogroll at the site and added you. Many thanks for the link love these past months. Dan.

  3. Hey, thanks for the reminder! Saw it at your place this morning, went to link, phone rang, Gah talked, I blanked on the link.

  4. hey, thanks for linking, BDR. my own fault, but it's been too long. hope all is well.

  5. If I had any shame, any sense of right and wrong, I would blog on nothing but this poem for the next six months.