Tuesday, February 14, 2012

No Layoff from This Condensery

I was going to write about how Occupy may not be dead but its death watch sucks, the return of King of Anarchists, the contests of who gets to say who's to blame that Occupy failed, who's anarchier than thou, I swear, if Corporate had a malicious sense of humor I could believe it kicked over the anthill just to watch the ants scramble to kill each other, but I've a delightful bleggal dilemma: I created a new category for the twelve hour overnight what-the-fuck posts that (more frequently than ever) appear then disappear, what do I do if people comment, as two (so far as I type this) did with last night's? Nothing demands more rigorous self-regulation than wanton what-the-fuckness in my universe: henchforth, any WTF12HRMAX post will be deleted in the morning unless it has received comments in which case it will be kept as will the WTF12HRMAX tag even though the post's lifespan exceeds the 12 hour maximum, though that night's header disappears. And yes, The Necks (and Lorine Niedecker) rule:

Poet's Work

Lorine Niedecker

         advised me:
                   Learn a trade

I learned
          to sit at a desk
                    and condense

No layoff
          from this


  1. The spiritualization of "anti-violence" has gotten feverish.

  2. The interwebs can't commentate when there's anarchizin' to be done.