Sunday, March 11, 2012

United 0, Kansas City 1

Well, even if that was as anticlimatic as could be predicted, gah. The main issue last year was service, the main issue last night was service. It is probably true, as Benny suggested post-game, that this game, the first in which all the first team played, would be ragged and should have been played last week in the thunderstormed-out final exhibition game in Charleston. Fair enough, though United is still the backpassingest team I've ever seen, still can't get the ball through center midfield to the wings or strikers, still plays dump and chase, still has its goalie punt 50-50 balls rather than play possession. Kitchen looks ready to dominate defensively in holding-mid, though his head is down with the ball at his feet, and Boskovic again looks out of position as pseudo-ten. The few times Pontius and Najar did get service, their crosses were weak - to borrow a disc golf adage, when putting, missing low is lame. First game, though, and against arguably one of the top teams in MLS, so no conclusions, just concerns remarkably similar to last year's.

Here's the starting line-up for comparison to the starting line-up for the last game of the season: Hamid; Woolard, McDonald (super-stupid hair, dude), Jakovic, Russell; Kitchen, Boskovic, Najar, Pontius; De Rossario, Salihi. Without Hamid's keeping, United loses by three. It's not an accident Kansas City ran its offense down the right side right down Woolard's throat (Fullback says KC's goal on set piece scored by Woolard's man). Also, I bet SeatSix my $5 to his $50 that St Benny of Olsen is not head coach by season's end. I'd pay $5 to be wrong. I've more Baaltaunting I'll save for another day.

Dear United: where are the beer vendors? Are you really gonna make those of us who just want a beer stand in line with families buying your crappy food? Really? Also, Modelo, Corona, Bud, or Miller Lite are my choices? Really? You had all winter to upgrade and the same shit as last year is the only shit this year? Also, your parking lot attendants? Please make them reserve the number of spots in a lot the exact number of parking passes sold for that lot. xoxo.



  2. See that yellow disc? That's my Leopard that I rolled 250 feet to within two feet for my bird today on Seneca One...