Saturday, March 3, 2012

when your keyboard dissolves in the pit of nations to write in echoes is the clock of the age

  • Do I think Obama believed what he said yesterday about Limbaugh's slut and whore declarations? Sure. Do I think he'd have said it if it wasn't in his political interest? No, of course he wouldn't. His statements are vetted by professional political actuaries who, this time, probably didn't need to calculate the weight of each response to carefully crafted focus group questions before releasing Obama to speak the words they put in his mouth.
  • Obama interviewed by former Israeli prison guard. Yes, Obama practiced his canned responses beforehand, and yes, he's bright and lithe enough to riff and stay in key. Do you have ANY doubt he's going to win reelection?
  • Obama doesn't bluff.
  • Do I think Quicken Loan just noticed Rush is a vile sack of shit just yesterday? 
  • The point of this post being that I've lost my indian drum and need to either enjoy rubying the kayfabe or stop kayfabing the ruby and re-embrace my emancipation from the either/or.
  • (BTW, Hoya Jack's statement? I wrote exactly as many words in it as Jack did, yo)
  • Thumbsuckers. Speaking of motherfucking NPR, I was driving last night and caught ten minutes of Diane Rehm's Villager Circlejerk, they were talking about Limbaugh, one of the guests - I have no idea who the fucker was - hummed and hahhed for ten torturous seconds before finally spitting out the words "slut" and 'prostitute." WOE! the tribulations of the sensibilities of the motherfucking Villager. 
  • Do I think the motherfucking Villagers just noticed yesterday that Rush is a vile sack of shit? 
  • Ask yourself, whose ass is Fred Hiatt covering in that editorial.
  • Mad.
  • Corruption and the citizen, American-style.
  • Yes.
  • Remember when Andrew Breitbart died a few dozen hours ago and everybody rushed to get their piece of flesh? Good times.
  • Rooting for Frothy.
  • See essay's title, note Garry Wills utter lack of self-irony.
  • BBBB's Rush post can represent everybody else's appropriate disdain for the fat fuck that is Rush.
  • You will never die.
  • What is the difference between giving bonuses for kill shots in NFL and giving bonuses to bankers for kill shots?
  • Help Silber if you can.
  • A problem w/bllogger.
  • Boatload of links on intellectual property in a digital age.
  • Bernhard, for those of you who do.
  • The Cat's Dream.
  • This is not a complaint, but I have no idea why I woke up with Steve Hillage in my head:


John Lane

when rivers are intoxicated
with dioxide you gather lotus shoots
to pick their pockets is
the clock of the age

when the last songbird
shivers with undue cold like wires overhead
to handle harsh metals is
the clock of the age

when your keyboard dissolves
in the pit of nations
to write in echoes is
the clock of the age

when you forge transparencies
in the foundries upstream
the bridges are blocked by karaoke
their digital sand is
the clock of the age

the cell phone's face is always
time-dependent on fingers somewhere
today opens to the nearby delta 
and tomorrow 
is the clock of the age

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