Friday, March 16, 2012

Whenever the Script Says *Dances,* Whatever the Actor Does Next Is Dance

Yes, there was overnight bleggalgazing here, but because of the sillyass rules on rulelessness I impose on myself, once I tagged the post WTF12HRMAX I was required to delete the post from here though I clownishly keep it - and all WTF12HRMAX posts - there. Because of the sillyass rules on rulelessness I impose on myself, since two friends tagged the post in the comments field of the prior post - because of the sillyass rules on rulelessness I impose on myself I don't enable comments for WTF12HRMAX posts - I am required to make mention of the WTF12HRMAX post in this post.  Yes, I've said all this before, no doubt will say it all again. Also too, news about United's new lease agreement with DC, including the tarping of the entire upper bowl. Also too, I am never eating at Fucking Founding Frauders again after last night's clusterfuck with Planet, Earthgirl, SeatSix, Planet's grandparents, holyshit, did it suck. Suck. Also too, I dropped Planet off at BWI three hours ago, damn. Also too, busy, I'll try to add some of the sparser than normal links (see said bleggalgaze) around lunchtime, or not, but have another Jack Gilbert poem and a song I hadn't though about in at least a decade that was in my head when I woke up this morning.


Jack Gilbert

There is nothing here at the top of the valley.
Sky and morning, silence and the dry smell
of heavy sunlight on the stone everywhere.
Goats occasionally, and the sounds of roosters
in the bright heat where he lives with the dead
woman and purity. Trying to see if something
comes next. Wondering whether he has stalled.
Maybe, he thinks, it is like the No-.: whenever
the script says dances, whatever the actor does next
is dance. If he stands still he is dancing.


  1. RFK really could use a GOARMY.COM giant banner touch.

  2. Yeah, while I applaud the locavore ethic, FF is not somewhere I'm hurrying back.

  3. Blogging is a seasonal thing for me, both the writing of my own and the reading of others, and I suspect it is the same way across large tracts of bloggleville. I was gone for 6 days and only looked at a computer once to check on a flight.

    Not that Blogacruz Isn't Dying, but when the news is the same day after day, you can't possibly have missed anything of importance that hasn't already happened before or will continue to happen and be talked about whenever you return to the innertubz. Or you do miss things of importance because they are written up in Too Long, Didn't Read posts that only a dozen people read and nobody links to them except the same dozen people that read them anyways.We may have to wait another 5 years before Mitt Romney says "Cheesy Grits, y'all" agin, but not too worry, it will be worth the wait.

    When I get big, I'm gonna get an electric blog... REAL big.

  4. I agree w/much, especially the bit about the Daily Duh. I've a theory the basic difference between twooter and blooger is that twooter allows the illusion of spontaneity when all of us say the same things day after day while the more static nature of blooger just makes us feel gahher.

  5. Fucking Founding Frauders

    Yes sucks.