Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Had Not Thought That Something Had Such Undone

Those moments, only afterwards seeming necessary moments, when you hear a song the very first time and Holyfuck! not only is it Dance, Motherfucker but also a concise and encapsulating and clarifying and cathartic-when-dancing summation of what's swirled unsorted in your head? That Robert Pollard song above is now an Official Theme Song of BLCKDGRD, which makes Robert Pollard the first musician to have two Official Theme Songs of BLCKDGRD. Here is the first Robert Pollard Official Theme Song of BLCKDGRD:


Robert Creeley

As soon as
I speak, I
speaks. It

wants to
be free but
impassive lies

in the direction
of its
words. Let

x equal x, x
equals x. I

speak to
hear myself
speak? I

had not thought
that some-
thing had such

undone. It
was an idea
of mine.


  1. Election posturing is missile command. That almost makes sense.

  2. An interesting selection of criticism to consider. Dude, I was talking to my friend Wolfgang, who has been a professor for ages and actually created a Social Theory department, and even he looked at me and said, "I have no idea what the fuck 'Glas' is about." I am pretty sure it was originally done by JHU Press, who did most of Derrida's early American editions, but I may be mistaken. I wish I had bought a copy then for $12-15-- look at what it is going for now!

  3. Well, you know what they say: "Consider syncope the ecstatic liminal experience of an interassemblage haecceity manifesting," Boyee.