Sunday, May 27, 2012

United 3, Ningland 2

That's the first goal, called, SeatSix can vouch. Branko assisted on the first two goals but, running the middle on breaking counter-attacks, still doesn't know what runs his teammates will run, but he's busting his adequate hump on defense and United has seven weeks to decide what to do with him. Here's a photo of the Perry Kitchen banner hanging off the front of RFK:

United doesn't play another league game for three weeks (and doesn't play at home for another five weeks) so now is the logical time for a detailed first half of the season evaluation but (while the House of Duras may perhaps rule the Klingon Empire again) not today, perhaps in a week or so. The wings are woot, the strikers are woot, Kitchen is woot, Hamid is woot, the defense scares two of those woots out of me for a net score of two woots, two woots more than I've felt since 2008, ten woots more than I felt in 2010. Here's Fullback, here's Shatzer, here's Webb, here are highlights:


  1. I notice you're a gleeful corporate whore when I'm not there to mock you. Bitch.

    Besides, that thing is mildewed and nasty.

    Look for us on teevee from Phunions Park.

  2. Print out the standings and frame them since, you know, they won't last.