Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chester 0, United 1

Didn't see it, sorry, can't comment beyond above highlights on specifics. Shatzer says United outplayed, outperformed, lucky, praises Boskovic for changing the game's dynamics. Webb says United "less than impressive" and stole the game. Some guy at Ives quotes Freddy Adu moaning about the foul call that led to Boskovic's free kick/Pontius goal (it was a foul, Freddy, regardless Valdes got the ball first, and the yellow was for last defender). This guy says in email that Hamid saved United's ass and Brandon McDonald is lumpenshite. I don't have to watch highlights to confirm that.

I will say this: United has played sixteen games this season, has won nine games, has 30 points. In 34 games last season United won nine games, finished with 39 points. Games they would have tied last they are winning this season. Yes, there's been luck and yes, the central defense is a major concern, but I mean this in all sincerity: woot.

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