Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fifty-Nine Today

Today may or not be David Thomas' 59th birthday. Years ago I read on a Pere Ubu fan site that March 30, 1953 was Thomas' birthday, but that site disappeared and all that wikipedia said for years was Thomas was born in 1953. Yesterday afternoon, searching the birthday site I use to remind me of Holy Days, I saw Thomas' name. Huh? Went to wikipedia, and Huh? there's June 14 listed as Thomas' birthday. Well, OK w/me, Thomas has one of three permanent spots on my Sillyass Desert Island game, if this new birthday information means that I have to celebrate the same Highest of Holy Day of Egoslavia twice within two and a half months this year, everybody wins! or at least me.

Bus Called Happiness, Wasted, Three Things, Dark, My Friend's a Stooge for the Media Priests, Breath, Non-Alignment Pact, David Thomas and Richard Thompson, Navvy, Slow/Drive, Steve/Phone Home Jonah/Where's the Truth, Two Girls (One Bar)/Babylonian Warehouses, Surfer Girl, Habeus Corpus, My Theory of Spontaneous Similitude, Red Sky, 30 Seconds Over Tokyo, The Crickets in the Flats, The Birds Are Good Ideas, Bicycle, Final Solution, Perfume.


  1. the last time I was in DC, I went to see some bands play down at the Warehouse Next Door (I don't think it's still there), and the guy at the door was all excited to talk about Cleveland bands with me, and I wondered who he was talking about since at that time there wasn't much coming out of here. He started waxing rhapsodic about Pere Ubu and Devo and the Cramps (never mind that the latter two are from Akron). It was kind of funny.

    Considering that I've always been a fangirl for the Bad Brains and the whole Dischord scene, I feel like you all have us beat.

  2. Dave Thomas?

    "Thomas opened his first Wendy's in Columbus, Ohio, November 15, 1969."

    I've been there, and even have pictures, maybe. (Unless they were all deleted because they were on the servers of the place of former work.)

    Of course, Original Wendy's is now closed because ours is a horrible country.

    P.S. No disrespect intended toward Crocus Behemoth, I'm just going off on my own tangent.

  3. God of gods.

    Btw, has Thomas been ill? In the top video, he looks skinny and old. When I saw him live (admittedly 9 years ago now--jesus--he was still an enormous, heavy man, albeit moving around with a cane).

  4. I've wondered about that. Ubuprojex says he was in intensive care this past Spring for an infection, but that would be after the vids you refer too. Hard to get info, sometimes. I'm hoping he just decided to drop the weight for basic health reasons.

    Ubuprojex also says he and Chris Cutler calling themselves Musique Noire are performing in DC September 29 at Atlas Performing Arts Center, though the Atlas website says nothing. Thomas usually doesn't come to DC. He's there, I'm there.

    I'm posting a link to ubuprojex and a couple of Rocket from the Tombs songs within a couple of hours.

  5. yo, if he's there (DC), I'd think I'd want to be, too.