Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What Goes Unsaid May or Not Be Two Pair and Half Bluff

Playlist today from good blogfriend Brad of Delayed Departure. I dig Afghan Whigs and most Dulli projects, though I've been told by my Seattle DJ friend that of all the musicians who've performed live at KEXP, Dulli is beyond doubt the biggest asshole any and all ever dealt with. Playlists are still solicited, c'mon people, I know some of you listen to music. It's the bloggiest Blog Days of Summer ever, I think why it puzzles and fascinates me so much is that it's also the Summer of POTUS, though I've always noticed that the clusterfuckier things are the quieter our stringtown in Blegsylvania gets except at the Big Box blogs. We may pride ourselves that we shop for better products though our consumer behavior is as predictably ingrained as everyone else. Hey, send me music.


  1. I love Dulli's voice and most of his projects (he can cover songs like no one else, and that album he did with Lanegan as the Gutter Twins was magic), though seeing him live was tarnished by his rockstar attitude towards the sound guy and his awful drunk fans (the groupie-wannabe girls and the guys who wanted to be him who had no problem groping the females including yours truly).

  2. Outside of a 0-3 Browns' slate, what's with November?

    Jesus H. Cthulhu I can't stand arrogant nose-holding motherfuckers. I'll vote/not vote for whoever the fuck I want. Go play in the street.

  3. As you can see, Randal obviously hates freedom and is not thinking our children and our children's children, even though he has children and I don't.

  4. My formative college years were spent in Dulli's hometown, so I, too, have heard my share of horror stories, all of which I believe.

    Re: the choice of Jacques Brel. I can't explain it. I am absolutely fascinated by the sweaty ugly man. His live album in Olympia remains a regular play, much to my wife's chagrin.