Monday, July 30, 2012

Fifty-Four Today

Hounds of Love has to be one of my three most listened to albums, and the song cycle of side two back in the days of album sides unquestionably the side of music I've listened to most. Dream of Sheep and Under Ice and Waking the Witch and Watching You Without Me and Jig of Life and Hello Earth and finishing with, and you must listen in order like I just did for full kaboom, holyfuck, I love this song:

The line between loving the music and loving the memories the music evokes (and there are ten formative years and three exceptional women - one of whom I'm still married to - when Kate Bush was on the daily soundtrack) has long blurred, but she's one of three permanent members in my Sillyass Desert Island Five Game for both reasons. Adding, for this year's celebration: listening to the albums this past week, nothing - nothing - gongs my soul's bells more than the first time I hear her voice after not hearing it for a week.