Monday, July 16, 2012

Houston 4, United 0

Pontius had the ball on his foot in a situation where he'd scored all season and he gacked the shot, three minutes later Hamid stupidly dumps a Houston striker in the box, a turd of a game was assured. St Benny of Olsen made standard complaints about work rate and heart, what else is going to do? Me, beyond reiterating that the back line needs upgrading (I mean, Daniel Woolard is the best defender on the team, and what the fuck?), that the back line is what separates United from being good and being championship-threatening good, I'm gonna eat this turd quietly and see what happens this Saturday in Columbus.

Here's Shatzer unloading on Hamid, here's Webb, here's.... nobody else. Updates if and when, or not.

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  1. Columbus? I remember Columbus. I'd rather stay in Berkeley Springs, but I guess I have to go back sooner or later.