Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's Not a Test, S'Not a Test, S'Not a Test, I'm a Broadcasting System

When I wrote automocoblogography almost three years ago I was driving backroads to a United game because it's love and remembered the paragraph from Gass' The Tunnel that gave yesterday's post its title. I'm gonna leave a couple hours early this Saturday before United v Columbus and drive backroads, it's been too fucking long. That's today's bleggalgaze. In blegistics, I'm getting major comment spam, rather than squiggle you I'm closing comment threads after twenty-four hours of dormency: it's not you, it's the lack of you. Fine metaphors abound. Also too, Theme Song for Meantime. Loud please. Dance please.


  1. Hopefully your spam is at least hickory smoked.

  2. I'm getting major comment spam...

    That's just because they love you.

  3. Is true: "Thank you for your information, it is pertinent to our time. Maybe you can check our site for discounts on brand name sunglasses!"