Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tottering and Elastic, Middle Name of Groan


Thomas Lux

Tottering and elastic, middle name of Groan,
ramfeezled after a hard night
at the corpse-polishing plant, slope-
shouldered, a half loaf
of bread, even his hair tired, famished,
fingering the diminished beans
in his pocket—you meet him.
On a thousand street corners you meet him,
emerging from the subway, emerging
from your own chest—this sight’s shrill,
metallic vapors pass into you.
His fear is of being broken,
of becoming too dexterous in stripping
the last few shoelaces of meat
from a chicken’s carcass, of being moved by nothing
short of the Fall of Rome, of being stooped
in the cranium over some loss he’s forgotten
the anniversary of.... You meet him,
know his defeat, though proper
and inevitable, is not yours, although yours also
is proper and inevitable: so many defeats
queer and insignificant (as illustration:
the first time you lay awake all night
waiting for dawn—and were disappointed), so many
no-hope exhaustions hidden,
their gaze dully glazed inward.—And yet we all
fix our binoculars on the horizon’s hazy fear-heaps
and cruise toward them, fat sails
forward.... You meet him on the corners,
in bus stations, on the blind avenues
leading neither in
nor out of hell, you meet him
and with him you walk.


  1. I'm still trying to process finding a link to Goatwhore here of all places.

  2. Was just for you, Snookums.

  3. we just got the new Mission of Burma record up at the radio station. I'll have to listen to it. I saw them live back in '05 and they were incredible.

  4. thanks for the linky by the way, no way comment on the above post, but that song is fabulous and might get played on Election Day morning (I was debating whether or not to play "Cult of Personality" on repeat for two hours but thought that would just be cruel and unusual.