Saturday, September 8, 2012

To My Dog on Wheels I Tell My Pleasures and Woes

When I was in Mrs Feller's fourth grade class I held one of those clocks that rotate timezones like at 4:45 of that video, Way Jaters, who lived in the house next to the Highs on North Westland, brought one to class for show and tell, I thought it excellent, never held another one, have thought about it for forty-four years. That memory resparked by the Belle and Sebastian cascade which was sparked by Brad's tweet yesterday which itself had nothing to do with Belle and Sebastian but offered the word twee which reminded me of the fun Belle and Sebastian: Twee or Fey debates of two? three? lifetimes ago I'd have with friends and read in music magazines. Song above on Ed's playlist, thank you! his playlist continues below the fold along with some songs I picked. Back with links and shit tomorrow, or not.

Belle and Sebastian is in the third ring of rotation, I really really really like, it's almost almost love. Been too long since they had a cascade here. I'm remembering why is's almost almost love, but nice to have at least a sweet re-infatuation for a couple of days.

The majority of people advocated twee but those that favored fey were more passionate, arguing that Belle and Sebastian had an ironic edge that fey encompassed but twee couldn't. Yes, fey is the correct answer.


  1. Mrs. Feller. Jeebus. Y'know, I wrote a thing when Mrs. Meltz died, but I totally forgot about Mrs. Feller. Holyshitbricks, she was a gnarly old piece of schoolmarm.

    And it was Woe, not Way, siblings were Wimmy (a year or two ahead of us) and Wann (in the same class as my baby brother who is still my baby brother despite being 47 fucking years old). Woe is still around here somewhere and won some buttload of money on that Regis Philbin game show a while back, as even the most brief and completely unwanted look at the class site reveals. By the way, we have a milestone reunion this month, in a building that we know as abandoned for years, now brewpubbed and resurrected.*

    No, I'm not going either, though I actually toyed with the notion this time around, just to see who's hot at 53 and who's not (that site does reveal some evidence of who aged well, by the way).

    And High's is now Il Fornicato or something, and Pappy's is Burmese. For those of you not inside the baseball, the Highs was at the bottom end of my neighborhood (which was the north end).

    And I had very nearly Nam-quality flashbacks at GJHS this week (Bam's BTS Night, and another thing with his class). One of the other parents noticed my holyfucking, asked what was up, I told him I went to school there, he said he went to Redland, I asked "Wanna throw down?", he said "Fuckin' A," and we collapsed in gigglefits in front of Mr. Schweitzer's room.

    And...oh, fuck, whatthefuckever, we're old.

    And the rest of you should just get on with your lives.

    *Strangest fucking thing I noticed the other night on a ride through the olde towne: that side of the block has totally turned over since then, again and again. The other side of that block, except for Jimmy's Chicken, is damn near unchanged--Wolfsons, Diamond, DGS all still there (sure, DGS is now Market Central, but it's still DGS, and they turned the fountain of Diamond into a cafe)--35 years later. Thass fuckin' weird.

  2. You're right, it was Woe. And I didn't know about that and Regis. I ended up better acquaintances with Wimmy who played afterschool basketball at Duvall.

    Driving to ancestral home with Planet the weekend before she left I came to the top of this hill at the ancestral Exxon station and on the hill across the valley was that motherfucking Arc the Jehovahs built of i-beams on the hill out of Frostburg on 68. Freaky.

    I still hang out with all the people I went to high school with I still want to.