Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What Should We Place, in All Good Faith, on the Horizon? A Stone? An Empty Chair? A Submarine?

I haven't given my standard full disclosure in a while: both my parents were teachers, my favorite aunts and uncles were teachers, a beloved friend is a teacher, my wife is a teacher, I have many friends who are teachers including my beloveds at Thursday Night Pints, some of the most influential people in my life have been teachers - I am incapable of an unbiased opinion when it comes to teachers. Thank a teacher today. Having said that, regarding the Chicago teachers strike, please READ THIS. I'd only add, good thing motherfucking Obama makes himself available constantly to reporters and constituents so when he's asked where he falls in the battle between teachers and his motherfucking former chief-of-staff he would certainly answer.... kidding. And anyone who bitches against the teachers because s/he thinks it might damage Obama's reelection campaign can, as Ed correctly guessed, grow fresh tomatoes, hello.


James Galvin

Let us begin with a simple line,
Drawn as a child would draw it,
To indicate the horizon,

More real than the real horizon,
Which is less than line,
Which is visible abstraction, a ratio.

The line ravishes the page with implications
Of white earth, white sky!

The horizon moves as we move,
Making us feel central.
But the horizon is an empty shell—

Strange radius whose center is peripheral.
As the horizon draws us on, withdrawing,
The line draws us in,

Requiring further lines,
Engendering curves, verticals, diagonals,
Urging shades, shapes, figures…

What should we place, in all good faith,
On the horizon? A stone?
An empty chair? A submarine?

Take your time. Take it easy.
The horizon will not stop abstracting us.


  1. I got to experience the wonders of Part's 'Passio' last Good Friday in a cathedral downtown, sitting on the cold stone of the altar in total darkness. It might be one of the most cathartic musical experiences I've ever had. His music wrecks me in the best way on CD but when it's perfect acoustics, a string quartet and chorals, it's just devastating.

  2. As long as the rioters aren't rioting here, which only proves that everything's cool.