Friday, October 26, 2012

Am I Not Your Animal?

That's Planet's cow, I said, showing the above photo to Thursday Night Pinters on my iPhone. It's going in our front yard after we uHaul it from Ohio over the mountains in December, best garden statuary ever, it'll look great next to the red reflecting ball I'm getting Earthgirl for Giftmas. K said, Planet needs to get it to an all white depth-crunching studio to really capture the negative space. I said, we'll do snow this winter, provided we don't die this weekend via Sandy, the androgynously-named hurricane. Is it a boy or a girl? Of course we scraped scabs bloody re: motherfuckingly motherfuckful motherfucking POTUS 12, our disgust, our surprise at our disgust, our disgust at our surprise, what motherfucking rubes we are, were we always, must we have been? We don't know. We talked about Berryman, how we daydreamed of being a giant but knew, know, we weren't, aren't, we who compete to be top tier interpreters of giants. L said, so, Roxy Music tomorrow, yes? No, said K, I mean yes, but a Julie Doiron cascade too please. Nope, said D, who follows me on twooter, Lambchop. Maybe, I said. Soon. Yup.


Eduardo C Corral

All that glitters isn't music.

Once, hidden in tall grass,
I tossed fistfuls of dirt into the air:
doe after doe of leaping.

You said it was nothing
but a trick of the light. Gold
curves. Gold scarves.

Am I not your animal?

You'd wait in the orchard for hours
to watch a deer
break from the shadows.

You said it was like lifting a cello
our of its black case.


  1. Regardless of futility, I will object to irregardless.

    But that's not why I'm here. What a fucking totally awesome piece of statuary. Well done, Planet.

    And really? "All white depth-crunching studio to really capture the negative space"? This is what you hang out with for fun? Even if it's fucking hipster irony, and seriously, who the fuck knows?

    Jesus H Syphilitic Christ, it's no wonder you're such a fucking gasbag. Which I note with nothing but supreme unconditional love, mind.

  2. In my defense, I did say snow would do. In L's defense, she snorted at K. Sorry K. xoxo for everyone.

  3. I would be happy to fuck Robert Reich tyvm. Also. Fabulous cow. And what Landru said.

  4. Taken in its entirety, Sasha, I'm afraid that your comment is making me take to a couch with the vapors.

  5. I was going to make a joke about stooping to fuck Robert Reich, but that would be cheap and politically incorrect towards dorfs. To the three of you who get that joke, you're welcome.


  6. tyvm = Thank You Very Much.

    Also. I'm short.

    Landru? Do you need pearls to clutch or do you already have them?

  7. Beloved, not having to stoop is precisely, though not comprehensively, why she's got a permachub for Robert Reich.

    She's really, really short. She's so short that Ilse won't slow-dance with her. (Woot! More inside than yours!)

    Other beloved: you missed. I had just swallowed the tea. A worthy effort, though.

  8. "Regardless of futility, I will object to irregardless."
    Good call, Landru!

    Y'alls got some nice interbleg love-festing herein! Get a room!

    And I say that with luv and plastic things.