Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Take a Dog to the Vet's, He Knows What You're Doing

So I figured it out, both how to make a movie of a folder of photos and how to drive away readers. Well, I always knew the latter. That's this past Saturday, our drive to Columbus and back and Delaware and back. All photos by Earthgirl. Yes some are sideways, sorry, it took an hour to figure out how to make the movie, I love you but I don't have two hours to right-side up the portraits she shot. I showed her the movie last night, she said, why don't you fix the sideways photos, I said, here's the folder, you spend two hours straightening them out, she said, Fuck that. What the fuck, I caught myself deliberately writing a sonnet, complete with end-rhymes?

  • This bodes well. This bodes ill.
  • Blood is their argument.
  • Had coffee yesterday with a former teacher and better than associate but not to level of friend, he teaches conventional Political Science from a Chris Lasch and Robert Putnam is on the required reading list (or were at the time I took his class: substitute in whatever's today's analog) perspective. He's a pox on both sides but .06% more pox on Republicans person. Obama should have governed further left, he said, his assumption being - and if Obama loses I think this will be takeaway of the disappointed (that and Hillary regret) - that Obama ran towards a false middle against his liberal instincts for errant political reasons. My friend said - correctly, we've all yodeled this - that Obama could have governed as George Barry Wallace Goldwater and not gained a single vote from the 47% who'd never vote for anyone in a Democratic uniform. We disagree about Obama's liberal instincts, I said, but here's why he's in danger: he came off in the first debate as if he'd already won, like he takes our votes for granted (as he should in most cases).
  • So, who won? I caught two minutes on the radio, bromides of condescending standard speak from both.
  • Since Washington Post's resident Romney cheerleader isn't hyperventilating over a Romney victory, I have to assume Obama won the debate.
  • O'Reilly blasts Romney. Guess Romney lost.
  • Peacenik Mitt? A liberal gloats.
  • Bayonets are today's hot-button issue?
  • McGovern's letter to Obama.
  • Come home, America.
  • The war we're not debating.
  • On the need to point out that no one has gone to jail over The Clusterfuck.
  • Who needs intellectuals?
  • A list of Marxist historians?
  • Emotional work and cultural capital.
  • Bleggalgazing 10K posts.
  • Today in bleggalgazing: overnight I got pinged repeatedly on pj harvey ()aked ()ex ()ideo. There's a pj harvey ()aked ()ex ()ideo?
  • Skull-blogging.
  • St Benny of Olsen.
  • Silliman's always awesome litlinks.
  • Every trip to Ohio includes at least one Tindersticks album.


Gerald Stern

Take a dog to the vet's, he knows what you're doing,
a cat becomes a muscle, she leaps from your arms
and oh, and ah, you won't kiss your dog
because of where his mouth was, and ah,
your cat has delivered a rat at your door
so lie down on the left side, or the right,
and let me find a place for my arm

for what can the police do
or the effigies floating over us
made of cloth and stuffed with cotton,

one only with a whistle,
one only with a sheet of white paper.


  1. May as well debate Goldman Sachs' liberal instincts. Or Northop Grummann's.

  2. still letting them run of earthg's snapping as you go there .. ,what made her take so many photos ? (slightly different routing each time ?, .. ) at first i thought the side way photos turn was deliberate ,it would follow the nap for a min. , up again, way of being a passenger.

  3. She's an artist, she takes photos hoping to catch some that the compositions strike her to paint. You can see some paintings she did from photos from past trips here.

  4. (of something different ,for hallow, and of your love of music clips , i mixed up on sending a note to my older brother while responding to something back from davidly at the same time , the note to my brother was of a seasonal bela's de d , he, my older brother , was in a band/bands , in the late 70s , when lene lovich was living here for a while , anyways i was sending my brother .. something of this sort of clipping(s) -A Strange Kind of Love - Peter Murphy, (and ops it went to davidly attached to my note back to him instead .. )/ tell me what video shows up for you in typing that in ,said low tech .. . )

  5. blackdog' , i thought that might be why , i had a very quick look to see what type of painting she does (very nice sensing of something of color/colour ), i'll look again after work, my own painting focuses in more in a different way of looking at the land ,/ my father often uses the photos that my mother snaps on similar drives to yours , more in a bit , need to go out

  6. (sorry that may have been confusing about the peter murphy, it was this video -A Strange Kind of Love - Peter Murphy/ "A Strange Kind of Love" live 6.23.06. Trent Reznor, Peter Murphy, Atticus Ross, Jeordie White.
    -wasn't one of my bands , but of the older brother mention ,something of the many ,of what he was part of here , it was the in the season of .. that had me sending a few clips with a tease to that brother ,not one of my bands .. but i did enjoy looking at peter murphy in this basement for radio clip, especially when the ma ma mas come on , and as i said i attached it to the wrong note and saw in the morning that i had sent it to davidly , he seemed to enjoy something of that as well,) / something more of what my ..more in bit .. comment above meant in the next few days