Friday, November 9, 2012

I Grab the Supertanker by a Hawser and I Pull and Rewrite Everything I Ever Wrote, or: Metros 0, United 1, United Wins on Aggregate 2 - 1

Last night was the last Thursday Night Pints (and it was a fast Thursday Early Evening Drive-By Pints, we all had places to be by 7:30) until the last Thursday in November at the earliest, probably December, I said I'd say in this post's first sentence (minus the parentheses) last night. Everyone relieved Romney lost but not pleased Obama won, all of us abashed to embarrassed to aghast (D, then L, then me) over each of our graceless and soulless raptures at the unhappiness of tens of millions of people whose candidate lost and who are neighbors or friends or relatives I'd trust with my child's safety. Jesus, I'm a turd, I said. The first morning after the second sleep after fresh mushrooms is the worst, L said.  Hey! Did you know Washington DC has a professional soccer team?

It's true, and thanks to SeatSix not only for helping me find a stream, thanks for NoDax above. If I was a Metros fan not only would I be an assclown and stooge, I'd be an infuriated dope, yes at MLS referee Mark Geiger for rightfully waiving off motherfucking Clown Cooper's successful PK for encroachment after the motherfucking clown's run-up to the kick took five minutes, but I'd really be infuriated that with seconds remaining, behind 0-1, with a free kick against a back-up keeper from 20 yards, Thierry Henry was used as a dummy. Is a dummy. So, ANOTHER HOME GAME! and maybe two! (the second would be the title game, United hosts if it goes through) though getting by United's nemesis, Houston, especially on a short turnaround, won't be easy, especially with Hamid out on red, and somewhere I read MLS is going to extend Najar's suspension for jackassery. Still. Everything now is gravy. Here's Fullback, here's Shatzer, here's Goff, here's Goff, here's Webb, here's Kennedy, here's Galarcep. Here's *!wOOt!*.

  • It needs asking: How many trophies have Metros won? That's right, not a fucking one.
  • A take on the election.
  • The importance of Elizabeth Warren? Yesterday YFWP front-paged her photo in its inevitable Who's Who in 2016 article. And yes, her pro-Israel pro-bomb Iran talk is disturbing if not disqualifying.
  • Admiring plutocrats.
  • Obama and the new spirit of capitalism.
  • Within hours.
  • Obama cried.
  • I would prefer not to. I would comment on how many Bartleby allusions I've seen in the past two months, but I'd rather not. Rimshot noise.
  • The view from the Right's professional assclownsWhat happened? A political narcissistic sociopath leveraged fear and ignorance with a campaign marked by mendacity and malice rather than a mandate for resurgence and reform. Instead of using his high office to articulate a vision for our future, Obama used it as a vehicle for character assassination, replete with unrelenting and destructive distortion, derision, and division. Mitt Romney distinguished himself and conservatism with a grounded, courageous, forward-thinking problem-solving reform agenda for a nation ready to renew and starved for leadership and maturity. He is a man of integrity and character, as is his whole family. And unlike in the 1996 and 2008 Republican campaigns, which — though led by men of great personal integrity — were marked by dead-end policy prescriptions, Romney/Ryan laid a durable philosophical and policy foundation for the next generation of conservative leadership. Unfortunately and unfortuitously, forces of nature bookended the general election: Our convention was compromised by one weather disaster and our momentum stalled by another. Two human hurricanes also radically altered the political atmosphere: Bill Clinton’s unique windbaggery constituted a campaign updraft, while Chris Christie’s deplorable and gratuitous gas-baggery infused the campaign with a toxic political pollution. That's Serpent-Head's wife, btw. In any case, I don't feel bad about my laughing at the Right's professional assclowns.
  • Time to rile the crackers up over Spics.
  • Mapping tweets.
  • The Obama was mean meme from people who say Muslims = Hispanics makes me cackle, but I am small. 
  • Conservatism is dead because it lives.
  • Saying "we" again?
  • Your Fucking Washington Post.
  • Damascus! This is true - my parents seriously considered buying a house in Damascus back in the early 70s, I remember reading a Sports Illustrated in the back seat of the car that had Tom McMillen on the cover. He was the most coveted high school basketball player in America and had just committed to Lefty and Maryland. I want to thank my parents for not moving to Damascus.
  • The Fire.
  • Krasznahorkai, for those of you who do. I'm a third into Melancholy of Resistance, it's work, so far worth it.
  • Beckett, for those of you who do.
  • What you can buy me for Giftmas.
  • Awesome bleggalgazing.
  • Geoffrey Hill, for those of you who do.
  • Thanks, zrm, for Mekons playlist, will do tomorrow.
  • Warsaw, remastered.
  • Bob Weir's plan to save the music industry.
  • He's a little red rooster.
  • Matmos.
  • Three hours of 70s singles.


Frederick Seidel

I see you in the morning and I see you in the evening.
That doesn't stop the other things.
The shorebirds and the shellfish make merry in the giant oil spill.
The fire drill bell rings and ring and rings.
Not everyone who wants to will.
I see you in the morning and I see you in the evening.

It's back to school. And, in our district, it is time to vote.
It's time to recognize it's fall,
and every larder will be full.
The fuel is mystical and has to be to feed us all.
I grab the supertanker by a hawser and I pull,
And rewrite everything I ever wrote.


  1. Congrats!

    I'd just assumed that it was a lost cause, with all your whinging about United.


  2. They won the Emirates Cup last year. It's why we had to stop singing to them. But it's still the best song ever.

    I am astonished that no one has yet deconstructed the order of operations in Kenny Fucking Cooper's dive--which would be irrelevant if not for our upcoming matches against...uhm, the last team against whom Bill Hamid got a red card. Cooper was leaping into his dive before Hamid batted away the ball, which was before there was any contact, which was in the middle of Kenny Fucking Cooper...that's right, diving. NBC showed a replay angle shortly after the play that made it real clear; today, there seems to be only one angle extant.

  3. Adding, "How many trophies have you won besides a bogus trophy for a bogus tournament made for TV against European teams that don't give a fuck," doesn't work to the chorus of *Camptown Races.* And yes, death to Kenny Fucking Cooper. Gonna be a moral crisis when he ends up w/United eventually.