Saturday, November 24, 2012

If I Woke I Never Knew It

I'd promised a friend I'd post his Raincoats playlist next post which is this post, I'm pretty sure this is his second Raincoats playlist here, I thank him and encourage him to send me a third Raincoats or a first of something else. I beg each of you to send me playlists, I want to hear things I've never heard before and things I haven't heard in ages that reward a homecoming. Or don't, no pressure, never mind. I'm shouting out loud about adventures close to home while in love with odyshape and need go away. And will, at least until Monday, after a song I love, a poem I love (no, not this one, flashed into my head by this tweet minutes ago, though I love it) (yes, this one, I love it, but you try c/ping that in blogger), a song I love.


D. Nurkse

Ignorance will carry me through the last days,
the blistering cities, over briny rivers
swarming with jellyfish, as once my father
carried me from the car up the tacked carpet
to the white bed, and if I woke, I never knew it.