Friday, November 30, 2012

You Don't Notice the Birds Growing Silent or the Cold Towers of Clouds Moving In Because You're Explaining How Lovely and Cool It Was in the Woods

What is a pimento anyway, asked K (looking on her iPad at the above when it was header then) at a Thursday Night Pints none of us anticipated but JUMPED! at when L emailed. Was sweet. I don't get complementary colors, I said, the same green the same size as the red dot on a red dot the same size as the green is more than an opposite world. D said, sipping a martini, thanks in any case. K asked about everyone's Thanksgivings, all were quiet, subdued, only the skeeviest of third tier relatives tried to pick a political fight and were ignored, one true dick at D's, a wannabe true dick at K's. L asked, how much do you think Obama enjoyed serving lunch at the White House today to Romney on their playdate? What a fucking dick, said D. Romney too, said K. Then we talked about kids and grandkids. Congratulations, K. Please tell them YOU AND WHAT'SHISNAME DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE GENDER. It really is more fun that way.

  • Evan Funk Davies played this Teardrop Explodes song Wednesday night, it made me think of the above, quite possibly my favorite song ever for many reasons including but not limited to whenever I hear it I get to think about some of my favorite memories ever.
  • This week in war
  • Rules.
  • There's a drone in your future (if not present). 
  • The invisible occupation.
  • More on Obama's first post-election decision on the environment.
  • Jesusfuck, Krugman's obamapostasy will never be ready.
  • Pastor Sanctimonious sanctimoniously tells you to shut up and eat your austerity and like it.
  • Things worthy of note.
  • Sixty-one years ago.
  • The way we argue about Liberal peacocking.
  • Down the primrose path.
  • I don't think I'll own a VW - the terms of my acquiring one would need be overwhelmingly favorable, I've heard so much they suck - but for a shirt logo, VW is as good as any.
  • Silver Line!
  • UPDATE! This tweet mentions today is Jonathan Swift's birthday, which reminds me of Jon Swift, a Kind guy. I wonder if there will be a Blogroll Amnesty Day this year (I forget when exactly it was held), there's been no noise of Zappadan, which starts tomorrow, yes? if there was one. Blegsylvania's changed, is dying. In any case, in honor of Jon Swift, be Kind, fellow motherfuckers.
  • How to hide a stolen steamship
  • A short film about Theodore Roethke. I remember a professor (the one who wrote the martini poem above) telling me about this, his loathing for Roethke profound.
  • Who doesn't want a compilation of poems about loneliness and solitude.
  • Pondering the glut.
  • Zombie playlist. Post playlists, send me playlists, I'll post them.
  • Also heard this P.J. Harvey song yesterday. Cascade in works, been a few months, if you've a favorite let me know.


Lawrence Raab

If it's the title of a movie, you expect
everything to become important—a kiss,
a shrug, a glass of wine, a walk with the dog.

But if the day is real, life is only
as significant as yesterday—the kiss
hurried, the shrug forgotten, and now,

on the path by the river, you don't notice
the sky darkening beyond the pines because
you're imagining what you'll say at dinner,

swirling the silky wine in your glass.
You don't notice the birds growing silent
or the cold towers of clouds moving in

because you're explaining how lovely
and cool it was in the woods. And the dog
had stopped limping!—she seemed

her old self again, sniffing the air and alert,
the way dogs are to whatever we can't see.
And I was happy, you hear yourself saying,

because it felt as if I'd been allowed
to choose my last day on earth,
and this was the one I chose.


  1. Between all that and then selling off the rest of the gulf to oil companies to turn it into the next Nigeria, I'm starting to wonder if it's not such a bad thing I'll probably never have kids.

    personal favorite PJ Harvey songs are "All and Everyone," and duet with Mark Lanegan. I'd love to see them work together more.

  2. Did you ever see the Fibonacci's video for their cover of Purple Haze?

  3. Totally unfamiliar, thanks! I like it better than the original, though I need add that I never got Hendrix (or rather, I get why people got Hendrix, I just never did; it's not dislike, just meh). Will post next post soon.