Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Don't Know How to Say How I Feel Politely, or Poetically, or without the Jugular and Collapse of the Immediate Heart

So, follow-up on last post: Excellent suggestions, and thanks to all, please keep sending. The above is Mr Alarum's suggestion to my request for new noises for my ears. I've said this repeatedly lately both analog and digital, all I want to hear are things I haven't heard before. I'm not quite sure how much to plus or minus Thudner's suggestion below for the Jesse "The Body" Ventura cameos:

Also too, post title taken from same poem that can be read at the link backs. Also too, were you wondering Who Was Ioz? I wonder if that sign is at Schenley Park, I've never thrown there, hope to someday, I'm told it's nice, plays like Druid Hill. Also too, here's Prunella's playlist for 2012. Also too, regular programming resumes tomorrow, or not. Also too, here's one of Randal's suggestions.


  1. That Darkthrone album is incredible. One of my favorites. Also, Portal is another weird one I stumbled on a few months ago: - Mr. A