Friday, December 21, 2012

Long Red Nights in His God-Studio

So, no slide show of Kensington-Frederick-Hagerstown-Hancock-Cumberland-Morgantown-Washington-Wheeling-Zanesville-Bamgier. Caution won: it can't be a good sign winter storms now get names, but Draco, at the time when decisions needed making, made the Cumberland-Morgantown part at best potentially clusterfuckful, at worse dangerous. Planet flies in tomorrow, we'll pick up the skunk and goats that need to come home when we take her back. O! Fleabus photos by way of request. The renaissance of Fleabus (Sarah's death was pivotal) is remarkably lovely, she's herself again, the best cat ever. Photo above is by me a few nights ago; her old photographer, that's one of her Fleabus photos below, flies home Saturday. Yay!


Julie Carr

My son is wroth. Dear summer, dear aging, the bottoms of cups:

If bearing children is a game one plays
with fate and

is a joke: trees as yet unleaved, a sunny -

     My son is wroth, my daughter too, and me, myself, I am wroth. A fugitive

     on the earth, and a vagabond. Dear opposition, dear trashed strollers, dear

     torn to pieces: Wasn't, won't be, isn't me

     collecting swords, hanging them on my living room wall, that's my

     neighbor, he's recording God-songs, God-songs for the radio, suited up for

     long red nights in his God-studio.

     Their ordinary cloths, their rubber gloves: "Have you seen a body?

      Have you seen one?"



  1. Fiscal Cliff Burton. Wait. Bus crash. Conspiracy! Man, there are too many fucking poets today. Pain in the ass to go through 'em all and decide what bits to steal, but thanks for abandoning at least once the Carolingian miniscule you usually use; I can never read your stuff.

  2. People concerned about the leadership chaos in House GOP, don't worry, Obama will save the party.

    Again. The GOP was in much worse shape after 2008. Obama threw them lifeline after lifeline.

  3. Randal, hell, my fatal flaw can't read its own handwriting either.

  4. BDR -

    Thanks, as always, for the link. I remain astonished at the amount of ground you can cover online. I really need to work on my speed reading.

  5. for larry e, if he looks back , and others here , i think that we all look at an incredible fleeting in different ways amount.. of clip looking at in a day , but we make note of,or note in different ways ,/ the atonality .net music is fitting ,/thanks for the cat ing , pats ( The renaissance of Fleabus ( "Sarah's death was pivotal) is remarkably lovely, she's herself again,") / now put up the wild man clip from kate (a requ'st ),of my mention below , so we all can image moving through a blustering of snow for 'mas

  6. Fuck Geordies. Including Leforge.

    Alsotoo: We're watching the Nutcracker. I'm reminded that, on top of yesterday's fake sectarian troubles, you're a fucking reedgobbler.

    Festivus is coming. Gotta air the grievances.