Monday, December 24, 2012

other kinds of balm

  • I've posted Gubaidulina often hear though never her Piano Concerto, found this morning on the amazing, a simply astonishing resource. It also encourages reading the web while listening to it since I'm already on the web listening to it, discourages the reading of novels since I can't read fiction while music is playing. So have links.
  • >>Deleted bleggalgazing<< Two Giftmas presents for you today!
  • Six rules for criticizing Obama over Social Security.
  • Not fiscal cliff, descent into lawlessness.
  • Taxation with representation.
  • I have no idea what a Piers Morgan is, but he pissed off Liberals by saying something so Liberals sign petition to have him deported. 
  • UPDATE! While I'm still not sure what a Piers Morgan is, multiple people tell me that I have it ass-backwards - that it's conservative gun-supporters who want to deport him. My sincerest apologies, I'll double-check my sources from now on when reading something about someone I know nothing about
  • No, I wasn't advocating Loomis be fired, I advocated acknowledging what a hypocritical assclown he is.
  • I've offered a blogfriend looking for a rebrand free rights to this tag: Straddling the International Date Line Like a Perpetual February 29th. I like it, anyway.
  • The same fucking card every year
  • Oh look, Fuckface Hiatt gave column inches to Max Boot:



Julie Carr

melted ice.
that which can be.
that which cannot.
a strategy.
the end of the day.
the heat at my neck.
sugar high.
the inside of his mouth.
the mother skirt.
hot sidewalk by the DMV.
the buzz in my head.
the fear running up the side of it.
other kinds of balms.
whatever the children want.


  1. The cloud? Trust no one. Links thanks, but dude, the Raiders had, have, and will always have the best uniforms in the National Concussion League.

  2. Six rules for criticizing Obama over Social Security.

    It's a fine link to steal.

  3. Just FYI: Piers Morgan did not piss off liberals, he pissed off gun nuts by calling for gun control and calling one gun lover on his show "an incredibly stupid man."

  4. Yes, see above comment, you're the xth whose pointed out my mistake. My apologies. Won't happen again (until it inevitably does).