Friday, January 18, 2013

And If He Cries Put His Heart Out with a Lantern's Goat

Insomnia, cold, botched root canal, work suck, shittiest mood in months, and now this, motherfucking Obama's inauguration playlist:

1. Signed, Sealed, Delivered - Stevie Wonder
2. I Was Here - Beyonce
3. Mi Gente - Marc Anthony
4. Carry On - Fun.
5. New Day - Alicia Keys
6. Mud On The Tires - Brad Paisley
7. Turn Up The Love - Far East Movement, Cover Drive
8. Edge Of Glory - Glee Cast
9. Your Smiling Face - James Taylor
10. Ordinary People - John Legend
11. Firework - Katy Perry
12. Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
13. My Mic - Nick Cannon ft. Biz Markie
14. Something Special - Usher
15. Higher And Higher - Walt Whitman and the Soul Children of Chicago
16. Get Ready - Smokey Robinson
17. Future - Mindless Behavior

What a motherfucker. What a lame-ass motherfucker. What a despicable lame-ass motherfucker. Hey, despicable lame-ass motherfucker, eat this:


Jack Spicer

zeus: It is to be assumed that I do not exist while most people in the vision assume that I do exist. This is to be one of the extents of meaning between the players and the audience. I have to talk like this because I am the lord of both kinds of sky—and I don't mean your sky and their sky because they are signs, I mean the bright sky and the burning sky. I have no intention of showing you my limits. The players in this poem are players. They have taken their parts not to deceive you [or me for that matter] but because they have been paid in love or coin to be players. I have known for a long time that there is not a fourth wall in a play. I am called Zeus and I know this.

thersites: [Running out on the construction of the stage.] The fourth wall is not as important as you think it is.

zeus: [Disturbed but carrying it off like a good Master of Ceremonial.] Thersites is involuntary. [He puts his arm around him.] I could not play a part if I were not a player.
thersites: Reveal yourself to me and don't pretend that there are people watching you. I am alone on the stage with you. Tell me the plot of the play.

zeus: [Standing away.] Don't try to talk if you don't have to. You must admit there is no audience. Everything is done for you.

thersites: Stop repeating yourself. You old motherfucker. Your skies are bad enough. [He looks to the ground.] A parody is better than a pun.

zeus: I do not understand your language.

[They are silent together for a moment and then the curtain drops.]

*       *       *

And if he dies on this road throw wild blackberries at his ghost
And if he doesn't, and he won't, hope the cost
Hope the cost.

And the tenor of the what meets the why at the edge
Like a backwards image of each terror's lodge
Each terror's lodge.

And if he cries put his heart out with a lantern's goat
Where they say all passages to pay the debt
The lighted yet.

*       *       *

The focus sing
Is not their business. Their backs lay
By not altogether being there.
Here and there in swamps and villages.
How doth the silly crocodile
Amuse the Muse

*       *       *

And in the skyey march of flesh
That boundary line where no body is
Preserve us, lord, from aches and harms
And bring my death.

Both air and water rattle there
And mud and fire
Preserve us, lord, from what would share a shroud
and bring my death.

A vagrant bird flies to the glossy limbs
The battlefield has harms. The trees have half
Their branches shot away. Preserve us, lord
From hair and mud and flesh.


  1. Pooty-Poot loves the ABBA, Silvio was a lounge singer, I wish I knew what was on Muammar's CD rack, but for all the talk of the heshers and punkers engaged in deviant behavior, I have yet to see a world leader screwing over people in other locales to the soundtrack of my favorite tunes.

    Also, a t-shirt that sucks nearly as much as the big shindig's playlist. Usually this kind of thing.

  2. Serious ugh to the botched root canal. Try getting even more ragey, perhaps that will short circuit the nerves.

  3. I wrote this in honor of my own root canal, back in the 20th century.


    Some love affairs are like root canal work
    a seemingly endless aching
    occasional throbs of fierce pain
    slowly being hollowed out
    until only a dead husk remains

    But what about the affair that like
    having your teeth cleaned? I mean
    relatively painless
    and leaving you with a brighter smile

    Then there's the story of the absent-minded dentist
    who filled the wrong cavity


  4. Hey Mr. President-- Root Boy Slim

  5. Replies
    1. I wish I had this song when I was doing my election day show. I'm sure it'll be relevant in another four years too.

  6. I've no doubt that Romney's playlist of "Jimmy Crack Corn" and "Wake Up, Little Susie" would've been way better for the working folk.

    I keed. Yes, pile of shit. You really think he chose it? Rube.

  7. I tried to find a youtube of the scene in the Kirk/Picard movie when Data still buzzed by his emotion chip YESSED! the destruction of Lursa and Betor's ship, but I couldn't find it, but discovering that playlist in the mood I was in to feed that mood into a photon torpedo? YES!

  8. ,i like the goat that you have had up there at the top for a few days ,it suits you somehow , and it made me think of a tooth even before the mention , sort of like randal's saying .. . short circuit the nerves , /the response video reminds me ..(of their hair ) of the difference from my father painting ..mention below, between anne hathaway and myself ,i have a fro , not straight fall down hair (but i've always kept it short because it's sooo o fro , so with her hair short in the film and something of the character.. , that is what is setting him off on this painting ) , and my eyes are an ocean blue ,not like her very notably brown warm.. .i've started taking some photos for him today of the set of poses he wants , this will be the first time that he has painted something of me , he has asked for a photo to paint from before but never with such aggression on asking ./i do all of my own drawing from memory and just mind , this is what justin mccarthy now wading , like others , found so moving in part ,that made him go and write to me at great length asking if he could come visit me here ..when i let him .. . ,

  9. oh yeah, that milquetoast Soundgarden song off the Avengers soundtrack was added to that playlist and they're playing at the inaugural ball. I'm assuming you're not the biggest fan and I'm not surprised that they're willing to shill, but still.