Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Why You Need to Have One Is Not Much More Mysterious than Why You Don't Say What You Think at the Birth of an Ugly Baby

That was an excellent thunderstorm last summer, me trapped in my car parked in front of my house. I'm busy, I'm blogbeat, there's lots of content the past few posts you might not have read yet, and, this is minor, I miss the aarghlessness more than I thought I possibly ever could. I'm recycling at least for today, plus grandmother makes another circuit of the too symmetrical gardens. Below, one of my favorite days, a favorite poem, below poem the best cat ever once, still.


Stephen Dunn

Why you need to have one
is not much more mysterious than
why you don't say what you think
at the birth of an ugly baby.
Or, you've just made love
and feel you'd rather have been
in a dark booth where your partner
was nodding, whispering yes, yes,
you're brilliant. The secret life
begins early, is kept alive
by all that's unpopular
in you, all that you know
a Baptist, say, or some other
accountant would object to.
It becomes what you'd most protect
if the government said you can protect
one thing, all else is ours.
When you write late at night
it's like a small fire
in a clearing, it's what
radiates and what can hurt
if you get too close to it.
It's why your silence is a kind of truth.
Even when you speak to your best friend,
the one who'll never betray you,
you always leave out one thing;
a secret life is that important.



  1. I needed me some Fleabus. Thanks!

  2. good morning , oH, good post somehow , sitting up at my desk here , you're with rain there , and we have had our first snow in more than two years that has stayed , it happened some time last week. i'm more of something of in the lichen and of the norwegian sea.. of rain , but that seems like you there from what i'd noted of you , /thanks for the feabusing / type in - About the rain by "Eye Lead" .. and see if one of you looking in here can figure out what franck is saying of the lyrics, please , (or you are better at searching for lyrics on line than me )(i know franck , we've doodled , of drawing , together in the past a little , and likely in the future )

  3. oh, hello hamster, you typed in your comment while i was writing mine and patting feabus .. .

  4. I'm completely stealing the idea of cats doing the blogging for you.

  5. this kittening is already blogging in other's comments ,/ and blackd' thought blogging is dead ,.. it's only just begun ..

  6. As I can attest, Fleabus can do ANYTHING.

    I do believe anne is correct . . . .

  7. i keep coming back to look at the ..fleabus as metaphor a still , and the other of flea' and the rain stills not pressing , damn this dog has me by a string threading ag. , .. . ,snowing ag.