Thursday, January 24, 2013

Won't Salve These Stuttered Accoutrements

No idea why I woke up thinking about Glenn Branca, but it's a good thing. As for the relative lack of aargh here recently, just for side-to-side compare and contrast, two dueling and - setting aside which tribal memes you consider righteous tenets - equally predictable blog-columns on yesterday's Hillary Clinton's Benghazi testimony, first by Jennifer Rubin, the second by Joan Walsh, do you really need to read the columns to know exactly what each says? Gah, anyone check InTrade today to see if HRC16 stock up, stock down, how this affects POTUS 16? Politics of distractionAmerica needs to know the truth! The most critical question facing America! Dig this lead sentence in Your Fucking Washington Post news story, not signed op-ed: The success of President Obama’s starkly liberal second-term agenda will rest largely on the shoulders of Senate Majority leader Harry M. Reid, who has been a rock-solid political ally and a valued legislative tactician for Obama during his first term. Starkly!  Untouchables. Does lying pay? I hadn't thought of The Goatblower in years. Gaithersburg welcomes fortunetellers! Bradford City. I vote Option Two. Why Melville. What is this tint that in the shrill cressO'Hara. Plath. Genre map (h/t @Twitchelmore). Serendipitous to my Gunn post last Sunday, Paris Review just tweeted this Gunn interview from 1995. Mining the audio motherlode.


Lisa Robertson

I have tried to say
that, although Love is not judgement
analysis too is a style
of affect
since the scale that rends me vulnerable
has cut, from abundance, doubt
(not that identity shunts
civic ratio or consequence) Sure —
I would prefer to respond to only
the established charms (and forget inconvenience)
but her hair was also a kind of honey
or instrument.
All that is beautiful, from which I choose
even artifice, which I hold above nature
won’t salve these stuttered accoutrements

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