Friday, February 22, 2013

Which Loneliness Comes Closest to the Inky Chromatics Inside You?

Chopin was born 213 years ago either today or March 1 depending on which calendar you use. You'll neither gain nor lose seven days either way, though some will be happy, some aggrieved, depending. It's my blog so I declare today an Egoslavian High Holy Day because (a) there's another birthday maybe-or-not Egoslavian High Holy Day scheduled for March 1 and (b) thanking my mother for piano lessons and (c) piano practice and (d) forgive me, Glenn Gould, I love love love Chopin, especially the Nocturnes. Love.

Yeah, I saw it, I said at Thursday Night Pints, it being the Charles Pierce failed attempt at Obamapostasy - it's not Obama who's bad, it's POTUS that's bad, suddenly inevitably, constitutionally bad. (And Pierce subsequently posted a boilerplate snark against McCain, in case you think his life had changed at his hush-voiced fake apostasy). I said, his argument suggests Obama has no agency just months after scolding me Obama's agency was .06% better than Romney's, my argument that Obama's agency was WAY BETTER than Romney's ability to advance MORE shittiness dismissed by Pierce as dangerously naive and silly. L said, Fuck, you hold a grudge. In December 2012 I bet a pint against ridiculously priced Amber Nyquil I'd not type .06% on this shitty blog in 2013. Oops.


Lance Larsen

Two musics washing over me, and morning asks,
which loneliness comes closest to the inky
chromatics inside you? How can I answer?
The cricket in the tarantula's cage
chirrs the next world.
Meanwhile, scraps of Chopin float
up the stairs on my wife's trilling fingers
which played me whole
worlds ago, last night, when I was buried in we.


  1. Too many holidays around here. You need to get some work done. Just sayin'.

  2. Highest of Egoslavian Holy Days is this coming Monday, by George. Whoooo!

  3. blackdog' j , did you see any of the nick ..cave and the seeds, bad lovely,after getting in last night , said dancing about with 'er mid day gould in here

  4. I'm watching the live show from LA right now here. Not sure when it's gonna be taken down, seems there's a 24 hour window on the youtube.

    Seeing a show a mile from my house in a month!

  5. i came in last night , after being out with my older brother ,it was my day of birth , and just as i came in.. after giving him a long hug goodbye for a while in the hall to below .. it was starting,it was incredibly eery the timing of , this brother was in band in the late 70s

  6. and if you all reading here and there could have seen me with that ,..dancing with susie , those sweet young things,not so sweet , don't know coo ol .. and lovely .. , girls got to make a living .. .

  7. Too much work around here. You need to get some holidaying done. Just chopinin'.

  8. how could anyone , young or older .. watch and listen to that ..and not go mad with cool , the grinch with his fetus on a leash .. .

  9. and to get poor old jim in the sway , of wht out , a blow of snow from the east .. .