Thursday, March 28, 2013

Idea Laundering Exists Primarily to Promote Equilibrium

Yes, reset title and youtube: fuck google.

We are staying at a B&B right on campus at Bamgier. Our room is actually a mini-apartment with its own entrance so Planet can come and go to classes or homework or meet friends or go back to her dorm almost as if this was home. Breakfast is served at 8:30, all the B&B's guests gather around a large table, yap is required, that's fine, I'm apt at yap. Yesterday morning there was a family of a high school junior visiting Bamgier, when they heard we were the parents of a Bamgier sophomore they peppered us with questions, you can imagine what they were. In response to one and the digressions that followed I said college exists beyond the actual academic education itself primarily to teach children the skills to at first interact with and then participate in the adult world. What I didn't say was that college is a credentialing factory, though I've said it often enough here, though not as often as I used to. Also said often enough here but not as often as I used to: my complicity - I made a deal twenty-five years ago this July which I will honor, as will I honor whatever choice my daughter makes for her life both in and after college. How I deal with my complicity come June 2015 after her graduation is the open question, I expect I will continue to indulge it in my current comfortable and hypocritical way (though I daydream of alternatives, none of which include leaving the collective). Detropia and cruel optimism. Obama's legacy and his four must-haves. The 12th Anniversary of American Cowardice. I sooth my unease with agreeing to a point with George Will by reminding myself he wouldn't be bitching if Obama was a Republican. Stunning facts about the American banking system. Why not call it oligarchy? A history of like. The Star Trek episodes you should watch for free on Hulu, none of the suggestions include the collective.


Rae Armantrout

Such naked spines
and vertebrae -

convincing parallels -

upright, separated

by a few inches
of clay.

Such earnest, green

such stalwarts

in the intermittent


"Idea laundering

exists primarily

to produce a state

of equilibrium."


All night
the sea coughs up

green strands,

cold boluses

and swallows them
back in


  1. Not the episodes I would have chosen, but proper kudos and hand claps and toasts for being only 63% predictable.

  2. So, did the parents of the HS'er politely wipe the corners of their mouths with the tasteful cloth napkins, silently make their way upstairs to their B, and promptly get the hell out of Dodge after meeting with you and hearing your opinions never to return to the friendly Bamgier confines ever again and forbidding their spawn even to apply?

  3. Surprisingly enough - or perhaps, depressingly unsurprising - I can be remarkably diplomatic and circumspect: in fact, it's the quality most valued by my employers as I deal daily with faculty. Problem faculty are aimed at me specifically, actually, because of my diplomatic and circumspect abilities to appease and please power. But enough for today about my complicity.

  4. LOL ... diplomatic and circumspect = you know how to lie while smiling

    A skill I utterly fail at. Although I do make them laugh.

  5. Heh, the weird secret is power LIKES to be lied to. Even throws you a bone if you're particularly good at it.