Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fifty-Six Today

Mark E SmithFavorite The Fall songs solicited. Songs are solicited, with working links please, don't bother clicking on any of these links from last year, some fucker, possibly Mark E Smith, ordered them disabled. Fine metaphors abound. Love The Fall, they are not in the innermost circle of acts for one of the two rotating spots in my sillyass Deserted Island Five game though they are in the next circle. Do you want me to describe the mechanics and rules of the rotations? I didn't think so, though they are mapped in great detail over and over over in Tabletstan, where there are no recent posts though there are stirrings of life and hope. Click mosaic, yo, then click it again. There's also Blegsylvanian history involving The Fall and prior years' solicitation and posting of requests which isn't detailed anywhere past, present or future. Hey, read a novel last night, no links today, probably tomorrow.


  1. "Hey Student!" might be my favorite.

  2. this "snowmageddon 2013" is a real disappointment so far - as of 0730 wednesday - to think i cancelled a visit to the dentist for this