Sunday, March 24, 2013

United 1, Columbus 2

Here's my theory: Najar's absence makes United too easy to defend. With Najar on the field other teams couldn't one-on-one press, which is all teams are doing, marking one-on-one, relying on constant pressure on good but clearly limited players or mediocre players to bad pass into space. The only United player on the field who frightens in a one-on-one is Pontius, but only going right, Columbus let him run into the left corner, into open space, rather than let him go right. DeLeon looks (looked, he ripped his hamstring yesterday) terrible. Pajoy not only doesn't scare anybody, opposing teams are delighted to see him on the field (he did hit post, late, on a free header). DeRossario looks grandpa, so washed-up and grandpa. Najar on the ball, whether from the back or on the wing, drew multiple defenders, created space for others when their markers ran at Najar. No one on United does now. SeatSix declared himself done with Benny, this guy declared Benny a fucking idiot, and maybe - it is the coach's responsibility to make adjustments to his system with the players he's given. I'm just unclear whether Benny isn't making best use out of what he's been given or - what I fear might be true and a worse-case scenario - he is.


  1. Still, that was quite some goal from ~35 yards. And Hamid kept it from being easily 3-1 or 4-1. Plus, Crew's keeper + wood counted for something—credit where credit's due. Some positives.

    Nonetheless, I know the loud side is not used to losing at home. So, we'll expect plenty more aaarrrrggghhh! as the world slowly grinds to a halting end. No?

  2. But Hamid was also responsible for both goals, coming off his line on first, spilling the second. He'll benefit greatly once he's overseas getting real professional training.

    The major issue is the inability to maintain possession, the horrid passing, the lack of imagination. I'm not giving up after four games, though that's more belief in the general mediocrity of MLS than faith United can find solutions.

  3. We're doing last season's end-of-season grind into the playoffs four games in.

    A season of playing for 1-0 wins and draws is going to be long season.

    I'd rather watch where hamid is irrelevant.