Thursday, April 25, 2013

Its Syrupy Drag on the Half-Dark City Under the Strict Surveillance of Quotation Marks

There, a full facial, copper, turned sideways for aesthetic reasons, not to be coy. Friend Jim (asks what if everything you believe turns out to be wrong) in comments, friend Randal too, joked I'd exposed myself to facial recognition profiles by posting photos of my eyes, joke being my yodels over the years about my compulsive digital self-implication that if Power wants to know who I am they know who I am. Two years or so ago I ran a gag on Senator Barbara Mikulski, D-Fort Meade/NSA, showing a photo of Divine as Babs (serendipitous, Waters' recent birthday) and a youtube I regret now posting* in which I compared her to a wombat. I got openly fingered by Senate bots and DoJ bots, I assume routinely, not primarily with intention to intimidate (though certainly with intention to intimidate) but as a cod caught in some word search algorithm. You, if you gave a damn, could discover my name, maybe not find images of my face since I've always been (folk can vouch) camera-phobic, believe me, if I am anyone of interest to Power Power knows where to find me.


Joshua Clover

Now the summer air exerts its syrupy drag on the half-dark
City under the strict surveillance of quotation marks.
The citizens with their cockades and free will drift off
From the magnet of work to the terrible magnet of love.
In the far suburbs crenellated of Cartesian yards and gin
The tribe of mothers calls the tribe of children in
Across the bluing evening. It’s the hour things get
To be excellently pointless, like describing the alphabet.
Yikes. It’s fine to be here with you watching the great events
Without taking part, clinking our ice as they advance
Yet remain distant. Like the baker always about to understand
Idly sweeping up that he is the recurrence of Napoleon
In a baker’s life, always interrupted by the familiar notes
Of a childish song, “no more sleepy dreaming,” we float
Casually on the surface of the day, staring at the bottom,
Jotting in our daybooks, how beautiful, the armies of autumn. 


  1. But just think of all the concerned citizen-patriots that will now be able to arrest you in the street!

    Jeez, Bill Morris speaks of self-absorption and navel-gazing as if they're bad things!

    Re: Champions League: HA HA HA HA HA HA!


  2. Yeah, but I predict - now that Bayern has probably signed Lewandowski too - that I'll hate Bayern on a Fucking Madrid level.

    Say both Deutsch clubs go through, how weird that Dortmund has to field two Munich players against Munich. I'd bench the fucks.

  3. Thanks for the linkage, and thanks for stopping by in Comments.

    Yea, I knew about that camera-phobic tendency, and yea, I know Agent Mike is always listening, and yea, I know your real name is available to surveil (as is mine), but I still thought it made for a good on-target funny.

    Spain takes a major double drubbing. And not Valencia either. Wow. Barring a miracle, it vill be eine Cherman final, nein? Deutchland Uber Alles! Question: Do economic trends predict Club Futbal results? (Given, of course, a measurable lag time).

  4. The L'il Matty Yggie piece is like something out of the Onion. It boggles the mind. Up next, Union Carbide in Bhopal, it's all good.

    Great takedown by the Mr Destructo crew.

  5. a cod caught in some word search algorithm

  6. heinz sauce ? , of the add to foto, said honey on er boiled potatoes for din' last night , and when i was out for a walk .. i thought i spotted smut from down under ... odd,weather .. i guess

  7. bd ' , davidly left some kate song links/ or mentions.. here in the comments a while back , and i've left it too long to remember where now , do you remember..if you are not on your way to .. another ... planet (of that sun setting topping now ..just like it is here now as well, but in orb jeweleddrops are on the buds touching my windowperch ) and able to look ?

  8. This is excellent. I don't know how to sort comments by commenter and I don't know when he posted it, but what's funny is I was going to ask you next post if you remember the name of that Fennesz song with the crane, I can't find it onblog or on youtube.

    Yes, we pick her up two weeks from tomorrow. Yay me!

  9. oh stoppp p adding linkage ... ah hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i 'an't keep up , time for another walk .. .the one crane of lightning has stopped .. for now ./ my nieces are coming by at the end of the week when they finish up .. . , that is when i'll talk one in to becoming a vet./animals and the other a law yer of some sort , / i meant of why the adding the header this evening ag., i love that one

  10. back in , of another odd - i looked at that escapes last night , just a quick look through many of the links of the last post ,flying the way that each of us does through our own tunneling .. , and as i went down through .. stopping a moment on the skyfall to note that the actor in that pose,just in that pose , looks like my brother who is a year younger than myself, only that brother is much more striking in appearance than that actor , larger , but very fit , both of my brothers still wake board on georgian bay here , and the girl that the aim is at ..looks like his eldest daughter when she was young , she still has that wht blond' hair . / of what i'm tunneling towards ...,something of what i was seeing on greyhoos's .. and of a shew/show in the fall ,so i was more on looking at some .. of the landing marks on that one .. of fresh eau