Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Killing, Nesting, Dying

I know I posted Gnod within the past week or so, have it again, it's so good, but yes, the two people whose opinions matter like the new glasses. Planet actually helped with the selection, I texted her photos of me trying them on in a mirror, the crew at Lenscrafters amused. Two bits of bleggalgazing: first, since I said I was going to take last night's header photo of Rosie and the sub-lede down I feel obligated to make this post though I thought for two hours I could stall it until Thursday, whattadope. Second, I also want to spend a sentence demonstrating how small I am by thanking the three people I linked to for the first time each taking one second to see where the traffic was coming from before deciding my unworthiness: Blegsylvanians, sheesh, be Kind, motherfuckers. Also What class. Not a bug, a feature. My future hell. Boatload of links. Panting for breath on a virtual shoreKnow truth v avoid error. Tunneling under New York. Anatomy of a spambot. A poet on the roadWho is a contemporary poet? The glass essayWhat would jesus christ sexx godd doGnod's soundcloud. Feldman. Also so good, the new Anthroprophh, a song below the poem, lots more will be here soon.


A.R. Ammons

The song
sparrow puts all his
into one
repeated song:

variations, subtleties
he manages,
to encompass denser
meanings, I'm
too coarse
to catch: it's

one song, an over-reach
from which
all possibilities,
like filaments,

nesting, dying,
sun or cloud,
figure up
and become
song - simple, hard:


  1. You're gonna be the dude on the Facial Recognition Software poster in every middlematrixmanager's office from Bangor to Sausalito.

  2. Sheeyit, wait until tomorrow!

  3. The dental chair pic brings back horrible memory of malevolent endodontist. Thanks for the trauma.

    ***Thunder's comment is hilarious.***

  4. when putting the two pics tog. like that you are looking very much like the man next door living .. , when moh's wife and myself went around collecting dried food last night for the food bank ,.. he peeped through his peep hole seeing only myself i think ..because he opened the door with out his shirt on , it was very funny for me . ..on seeing the look on moh' for mohammad's wife's face .. . and his then as well

  5. Thanks for the kind! Of all the posts, that one? I guess I am curious because I don't write like that except when I do.