Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mostly Your Life Will Be Voices and Images

Seefeel occurred to me yesterday, at 3:47 PM, our of nowhere, two, three, four years it must have been since last. Looked for my CDs last night, can't find them, if I loaned them to you - and I'm pretty sure I loaned them to one of you, or someone who used to be one of you - please send them back, email me, I'll give you my home address. Meanwhile, here's today's bleggalgaze:


Molly Peacock

may favor obscure brainy aptitudes in you
and a a love of the past so blind your would
venture, always securing permission,
into the back library stacks, without food
or water because you have a mission:
to find yourself, in the regulated light,
holding a volume in your hands as you
yourself might like to be held. Mostly your life
will be voices and images. Information. You
may go a long way alone, and travel much
to open a book to renew your touch.


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