Thursday, May 16, 2013

Say Clotheslines' Fripperies Hopping the Breeze Off the Alley & Garbage Lids Clanging Downhill to the Sea

Robert Fripp is 67 today. I don't memorize these dates, I use this and this to remind me of birthdays of novelists and poets and musicians who altered my comprehension of life significantly at first encounter and after, each May I'm pleasantly surprised to be reminded of the three day run of Byrne and Eno and Fripp. Here's my Fripp story, 2011 version, it's true, don't want to type it out again.

  • Both Silber and Walt are worth reading on their own, but expect more of these articles from A-Listers down to fucks like me in this very post over the next week: we are in a Reassessment and Reifying Drill in which many of us, sensing a tiny paradigm swerve in zeitgeist - weather has changed if not our utter powerlessness before weather - update our CVs while reiterating our experience and prescient interpretations of Duh. We are pegging down - we are being pegged down: we'll adapt to this one-hertz-down frequency of Corporate-imposed shittiness, reestablishing our bonafides in our personal Stringtown ladder matches - because fine metaphors abound - reaffirming our love of the game we love to pretend we hate.
  • UPDATE! How to interpret Obama.
  • UPDATE! On pop anti-libertarianism.
  • UPDATE! Does it follow?
  • UPDATE! Sneezing animal competition!
  • Not interested in being a good one.
  • When he said balls it wasn't a request.
  • Purple Line.
  • Dan Brown's Lacan Conundrum
  • Lordy, my ears, best ears of my life. I so fucking indiscriminate, so much sounds so good, just make me dance, motherfuckers, the ladder matches, fuck that, fuck that won't win, fuck that will never win, I was trained to think fuck me if I embrace the fuck that.
  • By request, Eno's Seven Deadly Finns.
  • By request, Eno's Baby's on Fire.
  • William Tyler, oft lead guitarist of Lambchop, live, interviewed.


Martha Zweig

Glove box rummages itself & dumps: fuzzy cough
droppings & stuck (menthol) among them a misdirectional
map intrigues me: say clotheslines’
fripperies hopping the breeze off the alley & garbage
lids clanging downhill to the sea: say there
in the sea floes
of penguins bobbing up to Argentine flamingos.

How hard is it to get lost? Listen to lost
useless horses whingeing for home & hames, a lost
grail stuffed with dirt deaf to human legends long
unstrung of sacred tune & lost,
children prodded along in the loops of war,
hopscotch mistake, the cast stone
skipped off the lake instead & lost the tournament

to the nice policeman there with the ice cream
precinct & his body buddy Dad. Dad declares he knows
by the spit & stripe of her this’s no one of his own,
his kids mope, & he goes. Ear to ear I must
look lucky at last, librarian
at the dictionary of things looking-up ever since
I hid in the glove box, pretending to be directions.


  1. 'phant to crane this evening , said byrne bry ne

  2. I have trouble enough with bdr's idiom and consider it a personal victory when I catch an allusion or self-referential theme. I can't begin to follow what you're on about, Anne.

  3. is it the nature of law /m'n aggressively address in this way ? on someone else's blo g , ,from out of / in right field .. ,clearly not a librarian .. . , / .. a similar to - " taking catherine and mary margaret o'hara's brother markus two years before he fell off his ..walking bicycle ..saying "your wit is blowing my mind " .. , of you're not able to follow some how not knowing me ?"

  4. and that is my way of letting blackd' know that i've been looking in a little .. as able , so that he doesn't feel ..lonely his blogsluttery wanders

  5. speaking of the Purple Line - that makes me think of M-83, the Midcounty Highway extension that they are talking about finally building (there was a presentation about the topic to Gaithersburg City Council on Monday)

    I would rather they didn't, but in fact the establishment of the right-of-way predates my acquisition of the house in which I am currently residing, so what will be, most likely will be - the good of the many is superordinate to the good of the few, or the one

    life is like a beanstalk, isn't it? - that is to say, things begin in a small way, grow, flourish, decline, die, and then are disaggregated and their component parts reintegrated into other entities

    enjoy yourself, and/or your woodsy neighborhood - it's later than you think

  6. This would be from where it currently ends near Lakeforest Mall and continue north paralleling 355 to Germantown? I thought that had been killed.

    I prefer M83 the band in any case:

  7. "Midcounty Highway extension inching closer to reality"

    Not just on to Germantown, but further north - more automobile lanes to Clarksburg are said to be necessary now, or in the foreseeable future, if any

    The official video of the M83 song you point to has its own informative and perceptive Wikipedia entry

    May I suggest, in reply, "It's Love" by Earth Opera (Peter Rowan, David Grisman, et al)?