Friday, May 3, 2013

The Pliability File Is Quicksand

Look to this email I just got, I said at Thursday Night Pints, win a $10,000 Apple apps card, showing L and K and special guest G that screen. Kark Mantarow, I said to G after we'd been introduced, a friend of mine thirty years ago had a girlfriend named G, she and I got along well, twenty years later when Planet was at her junior high school Outdoor Education camp a Park Ranger saw her last name on a roster and asked if she was my daughter, it was G. Oh, said G. You don't read his blog, do you? said L. Read his blog? said G, I just met him. Well, said K, you're in tomorrow's post. Then we made her buy a round.


Clark Coolidge

Orotund for certain
the pliability file is quicksand
hope to tin a song melt
mean to air out the taps
here's Man Who Shatters Things
but the substance is grey down and out
some day have to stop        save on notions
the motors ran out of tobacco
so be sure to        how slabby dealt
the decor increased itself        bring shovel
ladder and peppermint dipstick you know
drama bolt set on morning tension
this writing implement has run its course
may have to move my house

1 comment:

  1. Now you know five more than you did yesterday!

    Um, 10k? Wouldn't that buy a whole lotta apps? Might as well join the Kurtzweil singularity cult and turn into a computer.