Friday, May 10, 2013

The Privilege of Not Knowing If He Was Kind or Unkind as You Chamber Another, Waiting for Someone to Come for His Shoes

Kensington to Frederick to Hagerstown to Hancock to Cumberland to Morgantown to Washington (where I'm guessing the reconstruction of the I-70/I-79 interchange is a total clusterfuck) to Wheeling to Zanesville to Bamgier tomorrow, meaning today, Bamgier to Zanesville to Wheeling to Washington (where hopefully PDOT game it's employees Saturday off) to Morgantown to Cumberland to Hancock to Hagerstown to Frederick to Kensington Saturday (meaning Saturday), I said at Thursday Night Pint - no S for any of us, this was a drive-by, we're all busy. On the television Rafael Soriano got the third out top of the ninth for a Nats' save and pulled out his tucked in shirt, all the other Nationals untucked their shirts, and fat lobbyists in the expense account seats untucked their shirts. Can you explain this, asked K. Yes, I said. Don't, ordered L. Did you hear about the Nationals changing their rain-ticket policy on the fly Wednesday? K asked me, she and partner 10-Game season ticket holders, I've a standing invitation. Supposedly, when the Nationals became aware the Wednesday game v Detroit had a better-than-probably chance of a rain-out the Nationals changed their rain-ticket policy from any available seat the rest of the season to today's (meaning yesterday's) make-up game. L said, I read that Dan Snyder defiantly claimed yesterday (meaning Wednesday) that the Redskins will NEVER, in all caps, change their name. Have the Caps choked yet? I asked K. Fuck you, I was told. Google ads, I said, have toggled from promoting free beer night for random strangers at a United game to telling me I'm needed THIS SUNDAY for the Kansas City game. The Kansas City game is a week from this Sunday. So yes, fuck me, it used to be charmingly self-congratulatory to be a zealot not only for the rinkydinkiest operation in town but because it was the rinkydinkiest operation in town. That's gone.


James Hoch

Perhaps you covet something of
          its emptiness, its uselessness

in matters of yearning or feeling
          another's yearn, that it can't

know a damn thing, yet damns
          everything it touches: the water

it gathers along its passage,
          the air it pushes through,

swallow-like. It is no bird,
          though you envy the song

you hear only after it's gone,
          even if it sings through paper,

a goat, the neck of a man
          wearing a scarf that tufts just as

the rest of him flies out of
          his shoes and collapses in dirt.

Or, how it is like the dirt
          receiving him, the privilege

or not knowing if he was
          kind of unkind, as you

chamber another, waiting for
          someone to come for his shoes.


  1. free bird .. and someth in ' of this - stereolab -ronco symphony ,j. cage .. . - to the girl who always makes small antlers and smiles loving.. as she passes me in the street and out .. in knowing ..

  2. "it used to be charmingly self-congratulatory to be a zealot"

    Some might argue about the charmingly part. ;)

  3. sh' comes in to read a lit tle ag. .. and wonders if sasha is at the library as well .. . , wondering why they all talked to one another on line in a public place ..when they meet up in person .. .. , .. normal peopl' are very strang '

  4. talked past .. that's right ,said perfect

  5. 1) Just for you, BDR.

    2) I drove out 270 to 70 to 522 to Berkeley Springs yesterday. It was hell from 270 on out. There were flashing signs saying that an accident in Pennsylvania had blocked all lanes of 81, which seemed to have been the cause...??

  6. Nobody ever plays enough Stereolab anywhere.

    Drive safely.