Saturday, June 29, 2013

Keep Your Units Pliable and Folded, the Recourse a Mere Specter, Like You Have It Coming to You, Awash with the New Day and Its Abominable Antithesis

Two days left in June, two more Pere Ubu songs. When I started the gag June 1 in celebration of David Thomas' music having one of three permanent spots in My Sillyass Deserted Island Game (Thomas turned 60 on June 14th) I had no idea it would result in a Pere Ubu concert being scheduled for September in DC. Thank me, I'm welcome. In fact, had Prunella not alerted me to a Pere Ubu concert in Columbus Ohio I wouldn't have gone to Ubu Projex to look at the tour schedule - when last I looked in early June all scheduled concerts were in Europe, none for the US. That, combined with the fact that Pere Ubu never comes to DC, means I need reevaluate my promise that the July 30th birthday of another permanent member of My Sillyass Deserted Island Game doesn't mean a Kate Bush song every day of July. She doesn't tour. As of today.


John Ashbery

Something was about to go laughably wrong,
whether directly at home or here,
on this random shoal pleading with its eyes
till it too breaks loose, caught in a hail of references.
I’ll add one more scoop
to the pile of retail.

Hey, you’re doing it, like I didn’t tell you
to, my sinking laundry boat, point of departure,
my white pomegranate, my swizzle stick.
We’re leaving again of our own volition f
or bogus patterned plains streaked by canals,
maybe. Amorous ghosts will pursue us
for a time, but sometimes they get, you know, confused and
forget to stop when we do, as they continue to populate this
fertile land with their own bizarre self-imaginings.
Here’s hoping the referral goes tidily, O brother.
Chime authoritatively with the pop-ups and extras.
Keep your units pliable and folded,
the recourse a mere specter, like you have it coming to you,
awash with the new day and its abominable antithesis,
OK? Don’t be able to make that distinction.


  1. My dear friend I do believe between your music and the links to whatever tracking you have embedded that you've achieve the singular honor of owning the slowest loading site on the internetz.

    1. Heh, imagine if I did have time for movies too.

  2. Thanks for linking to my shitty blog. I'm just trying to do my part to hold my end of the slow-posting dog-days of blegsylvania.

    Enjoy your lazy weekend!

  3. I've been using Feedly and it does pretty well. There seems to be some coalescence around it. What's nice is that other apps are starting to use it as the back end like google reader did. So if you set up freely, you can then pick from many front end apps (or use the feedly native app).