Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Does It Shift with the Ringer's Will?


Joshua Clover

For 8 months he lay in bed over the

difference between “the bell rings” & “he rings

the bell.” Did those 2 “rings” SOUND

DIFFERENT? The invisible disturbance which

is the bell’s vibration beating at the air—a

FIELD EFFECT—does it shift with the

ringer’s will? This, he thought, was the

smallest difference between things which the

human mind could hold (or almost hold, the

thought-of-it falling away from the thinking,

a penny rolling to the horizon & so to

sleep . . .). He couldn’t get up. It became clear

that he was the murderer. Everyone knows. A

man standing at a podium reads from notes.

In the audience people nod in immaculate

suits, women & men. When I am done

someone will transcribe what I say into speech.

It will not resemble my notes. He is just THE

THING between his notes & his speech. This is

only fair, that he be the air. Some of the

women wear hats with feathers in them, wild,

candescent. In the audience is a boy named B,

not the letter, not the note. Another sound,

neither letter nor note—


  1. I truly wish that I had been mean enough to coin the exceptionally enjoyable emoprog label. But even in my hate-everything base state these days? I'm still the fucking Coke Zero of mean, leaving aside the creative deficiencies.

  2. 1) i started listening to scott williams show at devo with neal young 'hey hey my my' - strangely reminiscent of rush

    2)here's a striking package from dmitri orlov's latest, about the house rules at his family -

    Professional team sports are a source of fake tribalism (while what's needed is the real thing). There is no such thing as Red Sox nation—just a bunch of people drinking beer while watching television. Plus, many team sports (American football and Hockey especially) glorify violence, undermining the message that violence is a symptom of a mental disorder. So, professional team sports are banned as well.

  3. Of course, I await the pure joy of when the Obamassholes suddenly become Emo-progs when a Republican becomes Preznit. How they will miss their personality-cult. Obama didn't fail Democracy, Democracy failed Obama.

  4. "the net effect of, in this instance, the Snowden affair is to hasten the arrival of the state being revealed"

    maybe, maybe not - just as "the bell rings" and "he rings the bell" differ in the way the latter reveals an actor, with an intention - similarly the consequence of the snowden affair depends upon how it is responded to - whether les citoyens heed the call to formez vos bataillons (metaphorically speaking)

    this choice is what professor colonel bacevich is talking about - here's a non-washpost link


    i also want to point out that the MICFiC seems to doubt that the people will just lie down and give up on the idea of government not only of, but for and by the people - otherwise they wouldn't be lying so hard about the current status of the surveillance state, stealing greenwald's husband's computer and devices, etc etc

    stay tuned for further developments

  5. I prefer being called a firebagger these days, thankyouverymuch.