Monday, August 5, 2013

Marooned Like a Polar Flower


Joseph Ceravolo

Poverty needs us in
this riot
of our body,
driving the jobs of the helpless to
the grainless without weapons.
Our hopes
our bodies stay awake
in the light.
Positions, interventions, work,
riots and leaves around us.
O the hungry body
of our souls
marooned like a polar flower.


  1. I drove east (Columbus - Berkeley Springs) last night.

    The other side of Wheeling (between Wheeling and Washington, PA) was hell. About 40 minutes of 0-5 mph on I-70 because of single lane/construction.

    1. Thanks. Will check Monday night to see if I can see any notices, plan alternative route if necessary. But west of Wheeling into Ohio was fine?

    2. Yes, I was pretty much zipping along (9 and you're fine) until that point.

  2. > I like it.

    And why not? Loads very nicely as a temp banner image.

  3. Coover's windsurfing in this one. Up there, way up there, in those glorious clouds. This is one story to re-read and study and share and feast upon. THANK YOU for posting it. I surely would have missed it and that would have been a big loss.