Sunday, August 11, 2013

words reach and visually fail to tie audibly retire the pieces of the opening collision, and the reaches of turning aside remind

Yesterday morning on 270 south, on the curve to the left at the split at the spur, the Matrix hit 200K miles. I always liked the car's dashboard looks like a United uniform. The transmission is starting to go, and I'll not sink more than a few hundred dollars into a repair, and the CD player has been busted the last 50K miles and Dvorak's American Suite was what was on WETA at the time, but I gassed it up and Jiffy Lubed it yesterday, it's been an exceptionally reliable car needing just standard maintenance, I feel an obligation to run it into the ground, or at least sensible abandonment.


Clark Coolidge

In edges, in barriers the tonal light of t
the one thing removed overemphasizes tonally
and you could hurry it, and it vanish and plan
You go out on an avenue, but may be taken in despite
your chordal list of hates, overcomings banished ready
receiving you from a darkened cone, the one a beat
behind the one you there are
Then the I not part of the you equation, but the
spider trying to build where it is written
vibrates tentative
I don’t want to talk to you about it anymore
crystal region in its light, there are failures and
there are failures
But it’s imperative, abrupt catch, that you sink the
final catch, trounced morning
this is awful but none other available, words reach
and visually fail to tie audibly retire
the pieces of the opening collision, and the reaches of
turning aside remind
I am hopefully
this is position
of the world overcome by
and by the wind takes our voice
the collateral one voice


  1. So you filmed the outside tempature going from 79 to 80?

  2. Planet and Earthgirl have excellent taste in teevee, watching not a show but a series, "Orange is the New Black." (I can only assume that they were marathon-watching, which is as it should be.) And Captain Janeway is excellent in it as is Uzo Aduba. Thank you Netflix.

  3. Great Falls by drone (well, RC helicopter)

    found in the comments to the article.

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  5. The a.c. on my 2006 Honda Civic died, 5 years after I bought it.

    *sniff* Reminds me of going on vacation to Jekyll Island with the fambly, in the red 1964 Dodge Dart.

  6. That's my philosophy as well: ride 'em hard and put 'em up wet.