Monday, September 9, 2013

Electricity and Most of Us Aren't Electricity


  1. poetry and policies

    a)feb 2010 "smarter than your opps"
    sep 2013 "smarter than your ops"

    b)Andrew Bacevich puts the question plainly:

    If you think back to 1980, and just sort of tick off the number of military enterprises that we have been engaged in that part of the world, large and small, you know, Beirut, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia — and on and on, and ask yourself, ‘What have we got done? What have we achieved? Is the region becoming more stable? Is it becoming more democratic? Are we enhancing America’s standing in the eyes of the people of the Islamic world?’ ‘The answers are, ‘No, no, and no.’ So why, Mr. President, do you think that initiating yet another war in this protracted enterprise is going to produce a different outcome?

  2. Other changes added then subtracted, in some cases, too. Anyway, woke up with it in my head, plus I've avoided the clusterfuck all weekend, didn't want to face it today. Four days in a row I'll call a trend.

    But since you brought it up: Why does Bacevich think Obama *wants* a different outcome?

  3. This doesn't feel like the standard aarglebaargle©®. Feels like something's afoot: change? Trust all is well, yes?

    1. Something's up, not sure what, a damn deficiency of some sort, more here tomorrow, or not....

      All's good where good matters. Thanks for asking.