Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Word Being a Box with Four of Its Corners Hidden

It is September 17, 2013, 7:48 PM EDT as I type this sentence and Blogger has eaten the side-columns here and at the back-up blog. Should the columns be back eventually I hope you saw Green Blog uncluttered, wide, deep, not claustrophobic. If I was able to widen the middle column it would look even better side-columnless, but Blooger's apply to template button at Green Blog hasn't worked in two years so I can't. Oh well. This past summer the domain name renewal hassle freaked me out, pissed me off, it's why there's a back-up blog, I told myself, here, there, everywhere in life but me and mine, Jeff, learn Fuck It, learn Fuck This. I was indoctrinated to think Fuck It and Fuck This are cowardly quitting, an abdication of the moral imperative that one must always give a fuck (with it's equally indoctrinated rules of what one must always give a fuck about and how that fuck is to be administered). Look, here's the shirt I'm wearing as I type this:

I haven't been to a home game in months, for more than a decade until this season I never missed a home game unless impossible to miss for inescapable obligations both pleasurable and onerous, it was chilly in DC this morning, it was the first long-sleeve teeshirt I could find. It would help the case of Fuck It and Fuck This if United wasn't historically horrible, my Fuck It and Fuck This more credible if United had 56 points out of 28 games instead of 15 points of 28 games. United is asking me to renew my season tickets, I still feel morally compelled to own them and not go to games next year and every year until they're good again and then not renew them, so by no means am I saying I am one with Fuck It and Fuck This. Still, not freaking out about the disappearing side-columns encourages me, though I'm aware redirecting is not damming, nor not damning true damming.


Brenda Hillman

The last ice age had been caused by a wobble.
After it passed they made houses from stars;
Visitors would peer in
And see the tongs not slipping,

Roomsized pebbles having been moved far.
It’s like this more
When we speak than when we write;
Loving thus we have been
Loved by ground,
The word being
A box with four of its corners hidden;
Everything else is round.


  1. a community, or move into one, next to train tracks, and complain about train noise? I...holy fucking shit, will people please stop making me want to fucking kill all of humanity?

    Google says I live 3.5 miles from the same tracks as you. I hear the trains in the middle of the night. I agree that it's privilege.

    Dan Reed is a little pissy about this whole integration thing. While I agree with him that Starr's response was shite, I don't think that Dan's position is all that well articulated, and if he wants to reasonably expect Starr and others to take him seriously, he needs to articulate his solution. Dan's being so coy about it (I think he just wants to adjust catchment areas, which is pretty fucking reasonable) that he comes off as if he's suggesting busing all over again (which isn't).

    Also: I made a request, albeit in the wrong spot. But don't worry, I'll take care of it myself, since you're too fucking lazy to blog for me.

    1. We have new next door neighbors. Like us they are driveway-less, must park on street. We both live (for those of you who don't know) across the street from an elementary school. There are major benefits - we are always the first street plowed after snow, always the first street to get power back after an outage, and here's the best part - it reduces the chance of asshole neighbors by half. Last Thursday was back-to-school night, the neighbors get home at seven, have to park four blocks away because of parents' cars. Guy blows a gasket - you bought a house across the street from an elementary school, dummy, five or six nights a year this happens.

      I saw the 5, will get to.... wait, you have a blog?

  2. I do, and the thing, it is done.

  3. the trouble with normal - "it always gets worse"

    bruce cockburn

  4. how to pronounce town names:

    on a tv drama i heard the name of the county seat of baltimore county pronounced as TOE-son

    then there's the time young peter lawson, in a film of "little women", pronounced the town name conCORD, emphasizing the second sylLABle

  5. how does one respond to the good doc's simplicity? wait, what? landru's starting a blog? you guys kill me.