Thursday, October 10, 2013

Born Fifty-Four Years Ago Today, Sixty-Six Today

So who else's birthday is it, asks K as we just sit down for a very welcome Thursday Night Pints ten minutes ago. Kirsty MacColl and John Prine, I said. L said, I love John Prine, K said, I love Kirsty MacColl. Sweet, I said to K, I like both but don't love enough to birthday but loves of loved ones I'll publish as long as I don't hate, give me that MacBook in your bag, tell me your favorite songs and I'll post both in ten minutes if you buy me a pint. Not only do I get free pints, I don't have to buy their thimbles of ridiculously priced single malt Nyquil.

UPDATE! SeatSix reminds me that MacColl died in a boating accident in 2000. Post title has been fixed. He also requested a song, will post sometime over the weekend.