Friday, October 18, 2013

Rope of My Dead Grandmother's Unreproducible Sausage, Curing for Weeks on the Front Porch

Biblioklept put Destroyer in my head. When I think of Destroyer I think of our trip to San Francisco and Northern California in 2008: I was in a Destroyer fix and fortunately neither Earthgirl or Planet minded. Earthgirl and I are driving to Ohio today to spend a long weekend with Planet. Saul to Beach to Rockville Pike to I-270 to I-70 to I-68 to I-79 to I-70 to Exit 154 in Zanesville, State Street, to Ohio 146 to Ohio 586 to US 62 to Grove Church Road to Beckholt Road to Jacobs Road to Big Run Road to Ohio 229 to Duff Street to East Brooklyn Road to Planet. Reverse on Monday. Expect playlists and Earthgirl slideshows. It's still summer here in DC, I'm guessing won't be as orange over the mountains as usual these October trips, expect Earthgirl slideshows nonetheless. The scheduled long drive for Saturday is up through Oberlin for dinner in Vermillion so while there might be roads I've driven on before when I drove on them before Earthgirl hadn't started slideshowing. There might be birthdays to honor over the weekend, I don't look until the night before - today is not an Egoslavian Holy Day I discovered only last night, for instance. I've Frank Bidart's Metaphysical Dog - I posted the eponymous poem yesterday - and Krasznahorkai's Seiobo in backpack. I hope to have little time to read on the trip but when I do I hope to read them, though I've no illusions I won't be online. If links - and of course there will be some links - hopefully they will be clusterfuck-free barring kaboom, probably impossible for me, gonna try.


Frank Bidart

Rope of my dead
grandmother's unreproducible

sausage, curing for weeks

on the front porch. My mother,

Americanized, found them

vaguely shameful.
Now though I

taste and taste

I can't find that
taste I so loved as a kid.

Each thing generates the Idea

of itself, the perfect thing that it
is, of course, not -

once, a pear so breathtakingly

succinct I couldn't
breathe. I take back that

"of course."

It's got to be out there again, -
... I have tasted it.

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  1. "here comes the night" was also a name of a song recorded by "them" - van morrison's early group