Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We Are Fond of the Little Bunny with the Bent Ear Who Stands Alone in the Moonlight Reading What Little Text There Is on the Graves


Mary Ruefle

We are a sad people, without hats.
The history of our nation is tragically benign.
We like to watch the rabbits screwing in the graveyard.
We are fond of the little bunny with the bent ear
who stands alone in the moonlight
reading what little text there is on the graves.
He looks quite desirable like that.
He looks like the center of the universe.
Look how his mouth moves mouthing the words
while the others are busy making more of him.
Soon the more will ask of him to write their love
letters and he will oblige, using the language
of our ancestors, those poor clouds in the ground,
beloved by us who have been standing here for hours,
a proud people after all.


  1. Now, if you had said The Fucking Doors are the Mozart of rock music, your metaphor/analogy thingy would have taken on an entirely different meaning/connotation, no?

    What did we learn today? Metaphors: non- or not necessarily commutative. Possibly unstable.

  2. Jim: They're gonna blow.

    Beloved: This is mean and irrelevant, but when I saw the Utube frame above of that woman's lectures, I thought, "Why is BFF posting a picture of Dana Carvey as Garth?"

    I love it when people who don't use the ICC claim that the ICC is a failure.

    I was deeply concerned when I saw the headline, but I will vouch that no bunnies were harmed in the production of this post.

  3. the poem about the little bunny reminds me of richard adams' novel watership down, which i read in one gulp even though i had to stay up all night

    i was on the ICC once when i took a bus trip to an Action In Montgomery meeting but i never drive on it personally because i don't have E-ZPass® nor do i feel comfortable with the video tolling option

  4. speaking of harm to bunnies i drove from upper gaithersburg to frederick and back today and saw many traffic casualties in and by the road - squirrels of course, bunnies, deer, woodchuck, even a possum - i saw no dogs or cats today as far as i could tell

  5. Hah. "Speeding Motorcycle" just came up on my iPod when I re-synced it and got in my car. First song.