Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Furious to Free Himself from His Hatred of Factories

  • It's 8:20 PM EDT as I type this bullet. This tweet appears in my timeline - the fucking Washington Racist Slurs invited geriatric Navajos to pose on the sideline in Racist Slur garb. Shortly afterward, I saw Andrew's post below re: boredom, and when I youtubed the Iggy song the mandatory youtube advertisement was a fifteen second screed against Iran and the new Iran nuclear deal that showed celebrating Iranians in 1979 and asked, How can anybody trust Iranians? Meanwhile, on twitter, defenders of Greenwald and his deal with scummy billionaires battled defenders of NSFW and their deal with scummy billionaires over which side was purer of heart.
  • I wrote more about each. I threw each away. I then wrote again about why of the three the fucking local helmetball team pissed me off the most. It's still a work-in-progress.
  • Fuck Hollywood too.
  • I should follow my own advice:


James Wright

Strange bird,
His song remains secret.
He worked too hard to read books.
He never heard how Sherwood Anderson
Got out of it, and fled to Chicago, furious to free himself   
From his hatred of factories.
My father toiled fifty years
At Hazel-Atlas Glass,
Caught among girders that smash the kneecaps
Of dumb honyaks.
Did he shudder with hatred in the cold shadow of grease?   
Maybe. But my brother and I do know
He came home as quiet as the evening.

He will be getting dark, soon,   
And loom through new snow.
I know his ghost will drift home
To the Ohio River, and sit down, alone,
Whittling a root.
He will say nothing.
The waters flow past, older, younger   
Than he is, or I am.


  1. There are these things called "webb sights" you can look them up and on one of them you can find something called "code" which is something you can "inn putt" on your computer box at a place on the "screen" they will tell you to and it will "block" those "pesky" ads on the "youtubes". No, really. Its like magic. You can "the goggle" it. I kid u not. Tho' I will say that I had did this once and it worked until "the youtubes" farted the other day and all you got for your careful "M-bedding" was some squares with gobbledy-gook on your lovelily designed "BLOGG" page. AND NO MUSICS!!!11!1 WTF, man.

    Aside: Try "The Names". It is my fave DD. Some feel it is pre-"BIG" Delillo ["White Noise", "Libra", "Mao II", "Underworld"], but they are wrong. All of them. To a man. It's like, say, favoring 'Rubber Soul' and 'Revolver' Beatles instead of 'Sgt. Pepper', 'Abbey Road' Beatles, which I do. Know what I mean?

    Speaking of "gobbledy-gook", best of the Thanksgiving season to you and yours! [See what I did there? "Gobble" > [Turkey] > Thanksgiving "shout out"—associatively clever, no? Law of excluded middle [not really, no] Anyway, best! Jim H.]