Monday, November 11, 2013

Sixty Today

Happy Birthday Andy Partridge. XTC (and side-projects) are in the innermost circle of acts for one of the two rotating spots in my Sillyass Deserted Island Five Game (and on mandatory playlist for trips to and around and from Ohio to visit Planet). Twelve Partridge song from twelve XTC albums in this post, eleven below the fold, nothing below the fold but Andy Partridge songs, for links and poems scroll down through yesterday and Saturday please.


  1. today would have been kurt vonnegut's 91st birthday

    the text of a college commencement speech he actually gave -

    it was within my lifetime that the name of today's holiday was changed from 'armistice day' - one that celebrates the end of fighting - to its current name

    as each season has a holiday in honor of war except winter - memorial day, july 4, veterans day - i propose completion of the yearly cycle with a rebranding - 'warrior valentines day'

  2. Dostoyevsky's 192nd birthday too.